The Research Process: Going to the Library

Finding Books

At this point in the research process, you know the following:

·         What is expected of you in the assignment

·         Your research question.

·         An overview of the topic.

·         And the types of sources you’ll need.

So now let’s go to the library and get those sources! (If you have not visited the NSCC Library before, this would be good time to use the online orientation to become familiar with what’s available.)

At this point, you are looking for two types of sources: books and articles.

Today, we’ll talk about books.

As I mentioned in my last post, you want to make sure that any source is reliable, current, and authoritative.

The main advantage of using books is that the information is often more in-depth.

However, there are some disadvantages. Because you have limited time, you may not be able to read  several  books for your paper. You may rely too heavily on just one book  and end up writing a book report instead of a research paper.

Locations of books in the John E. Mayfield Library:

1.       Stacks. These are books that can be physically picked up and carried out of the library. You can find them by a search in the library catalog. Most books can be checked out for four weeks and may be renewed once.

2.       NetLibrary. These are books that can be read online. You can find them by searching the regular library catalog or search NetLibrary alone. To be able to use NetLibrary off campus, you will need to create your account while on campus. It only takes a few minutes.

3.       Safari Technical Books. These are mainly books on computers and programs. Like most libraries, the John E. Mayfield Library now subscribes to an online service since technical books tend to become outdated very quickly.  When off-campus, you will be prompted for a user name and password. These will be your “A” and pin numbers.




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