Frequently-Asked Questions: Reserve Textbooks

Does the library carry current textbooks?

The library does have many current textbooks if the departments have placed them on reserve. You can see if your textbook is on reserve by checking the online library catalog. Textbooks are kept behind the circulation desk. They are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

How long can they be checked out?

Current textbooks may be checked out for 2 hours and are for library use only.

But I want to take it to class!

Sorry.  This policy is designed to provide access to as many students as possible.

Can I make copies of some of the pages?

There are 2 copy machines in the library. Copies are 10 cents a page. The library staff does not keep change. So come prepared. The machines do take quarters, and one accepts dollar bills. NOTE: Copying an entire textbook or a substantial part of one consitutes copyright violation. The user of the copy machine assumes all liability for copyright infringement.

What would happen if someone did take a textbook out of the library?

Well, the first thing is that the alarm would go off, and you would be asked to bring it back to the desk. Those books are school and state property, so taking one is serious business. If a textbook does leave the library, the library procedure is as follows: to call or email the student to ask that the book be returned that day. If it is not, the student is charged for a replacement copy of the text, and  he/she is turned over to the Dean of Student Services for disciplinary action.

My textbook is not on reserve. How can I get one placed in the library?

Ask your instructor to place one on reserve. But keep in mind, some desk copies are harder to get than others. And there may be good reason why your text is not in the library. The library’s collection was not meant to substitute for your having your own text, but serve as a temporary solution until your book arrives.


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