Monday Motivator: Help the Hungry!

This is another easy week for us; once again, I’m jumping on someone else’s bandwagon. The NSCC Staff Assembly is sponsoring a food drive for Second Harvest this week. 

Drop-Off Locations for Food Drive:


·         Security (A70)

·         WorkForce & Community Development (C251)

·         Social & Life Sciences (K120-B)

·         Library Circulation Desk (K150)

·         Records (S207)

·         Admissions (S215)

·         Weld Bldg. Reception Desk (W24-A)

It is sometimes hard for us to fully comprehend that people go hungry here in the United States. But they do. Just over the weekend, there was a segment on the news about a school in Clarksville that handed out packets so that children would have something to eat over the weekend. Almost every organization that deals with hunger has reported an increase in requests since the economy has taken a downturn.

So please remember the less fortunate and donate some food today.

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