Monday Motivator: Develop Resilience.

According to Wikipedia, resilience is the positive capacity of people to cope with stress and  catastrophe.

We’ve all known resilient people, those who have undergone traumatic events or illnesses and yet have remained positive and optimistic, still working towards goals. We’ve also all known people who are not, the folks, for whom every bump in the road, is a catastrophe, who are carrying hurts from a decade ago as if it were yesterday.

Obviously, resilience is a trait that makes people happier and more productive. Therefore, it is a trait worth developing in ourselves, our children, and our students. So what are the characteristics of the resilient?

  • They know how to manage stress.
  • They don’t quit too easily.
  • But they don’t stay committed to an unaccomplishable goal.
  • They ask for help.
  • They break down big goals into smaller ones.
  • They celebrate little victories along the way.
  • They see things realistically.
  • They see the humor in life.
  • They have self control.
  • They are happy.

In general, all of these characteristics can be developed in ourselves and in others. And resilience is a skill worth developing since we can’t control all what happens to us, only our response to such events.

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