Faculty and Staff Recommendations: Week 5


Michael Kiggins

English Faculty


Maus I and II


Art Spiegelman


“This landmark work is a gripping account of the Shoah (or, the Holocaust) as narrated primarily from the perspective of the son of two survivors. This graphic novel is drawn in simple but stark black-and-white style, and it portrays people of different ethnicities or nationalities as different animals (e.g., Jews are drawn as mice, Nazis as cats, Poles as pigs, etc.). This work blurs the boundaries of biography, autobiography, fiction and meta-fiction, and it should be read by anyone who is interested in learning more about the long-term effects of the Shoah on both survivors and their children.”

1 thought on “Faculty and Staff Recommendations: Week 5

  1. Maus is great! I found both of these books at a thrift store for about $2. The best $2 I have ever spent! I love the way Spiegelman uses animals instead of people. It really makes you stop and see their actions for what they are, instead of justifying(or dismissing) them simply because they are human emotions. I’m glad you recommended these books.

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