Monday Motivator: Limit Your Choices.

You might think that the title this week is a typo. We all like  having choices. No one wants to be told what to wear, what career to pursue, what church to go to, or even what television show to watch. But research shows that after a certain amount, people’s happiness actually decreases when faced with a myriad of choices.


  • It is simply overwhelming to face the sheer number of choices available. You might expect to have to do some research on cars or careers. But now it seems that every decision requires sorting through choice after choice.
  • The sheer number of choices can paralyze some people and keep them from ever making a decision at all.
  • Folks often have raised expectations about what they’ll get or how they’ll feel once they make a choice.
  • Folks often feel a sense of regret after making a choice, that perhaps they didn’t make the right one.

So in the world of too many choices, how do we wisely limit ours?

  • Decide on the front end how important a choice is and then budget your time accordingly. Buying a house merits taking months to research and consider all your options. Buying a cell phone not so much.
  • As much as overachievers will hate this, some choices are fine if they are simply good enough. If all I need a washing machine to do is clean my clothes, then do I really need to research all the capabilities of all the models to find the perfect one?
  • Don’t expect perfection, no matter how many choices you have.
  • Once you’ve made your choice, stop the investigation! Let it go.
  • And though this may seem to contradict the previous bullet, keep in mind that very few choices in life have to be permanent. You can always choose a new path, whether it’s a new career or a new cell phone.

1 thought on “Monday Motivator: Limit Your Choices.

  1. Thanks, Faye. I’m really mulling this one over…I’ll be sharing it with friends! It may even be on my bathroom wall for a while 🙂

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