Monday Motivator: Enjoy Nature

Studies have shown that regular contact with nature increases a sense of well-being as well as reduces stress. But in the midst of a busy work and family life, days can go by without any real time enjoying the natural world. So this week, make an effort to enjoy the outside. Fall is a perfect time, since the weather is not too hot or cold and the trees are changing colors.

  • Go for a walk after work or during your lunch break.
  • Go watch a football game (in person). For the past five Saturdays, I’ve watched nine-year-olds play flag football at one of the parks. It was fun to get out in the fresh air.
  • Plant bulbs for next spring’s garden.
  • Go to Radnor or Warner parks to enjoy the leaves turning, or take a bike ride on the Natchez Trace.
  • And if you really can’t get out and about, then put some plants in your home and office.   

1 thought on “Monday Motivator: Enjoy Nature

  1. Great advice! That’s one of the reasons I enjoy cycling to and from work everyday. It gets me outside enjoying nature. I don’t have to wait until I get home to go outside and enjoy nature. I think it helps keep me healthy. A good book for finding scenic routes to bicycle is: Bicycling Middle Tennessee. For those that like to hike try: Middle Tennessee on Foot. The library has both of these books. I enjoy your Motivator.

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