Monday Motivator: Days Turn into Lives

Like most people on campus, I was shocked and saddened by the death of our colleague, Holly Paulus. She should have had at least two more decades to explore this world and do all the things that were on her life list. But it wasn’t to be. Still, at least with Holly, we all know that she managed to enjoy everyday and constantly found new ways to express herself and her gifts. While she might have died too soon, she did not die without having truly lived her life.

In honor of Holly, this week, take a minute out and make a list of all the things that you loved to do as a kid or a young adult and would still love to do today if you had time. Then look at that list and then think of how you spend your days. As Annie Dillard said, how we spend our days is how we spend our lives. And if those things from your list are already in your days, then congratulations!  If not, see if you can’t work a few in each day this week.


2 thoughts on “Monday Motivator: Days Turn into Lives

  1. Great advice! That is one reason I enjoy riding my bicycle to work everyday. It is something I enjoy and it gets me out on the “backroads” of Nashville meeting people in Nashville I never would have met if I drove my car everywhere. It allows me to “smell the roses” of life.

  2. Great Advice. The movie “The Bucket List” made me realize later may never come. Enjoy life now. Since seeing the movie, I’ve been trying to do more enjoying life, and less working my life away.

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