Daily Archives: March 15, 2010

Monday Motivator: It’s Time to Get Moving!

Literally, folks. You may not know this, but the NSCC Student Government Association started a weight loss challenge some time ago. The library, being too busy eating cake and leftover holiday candy, did not join. But, for various reasons, most having to do with clothes no longer fitting, we’ve decided to make our own group. And to hold ourselves accountable, we are going to post on the Jolly Librarian each Wednesday to let you know  how we’re doing and to send along our favorite weight loss tips from library resources.

So for this week, your motivator is to take some small steps focusing on your health: It may be that you need to eat better or start an exercise plan. Maybe you need to stop smoking or cut back on sugar. Or it may be time to make those doctor’s appointments you’ve been postponing.  Whatever it is, this is the week to start.

And keep checking up on us, The Library Losers, as we work on our goal to become less than what we currently are.