The Library Losers Begin, Not With a Bang, But with A Whine.

Today is the Library Losers first official day on our weight loss program. It has not been an auspicious beginning. We have been arguing over the accuracy of our scale. In short, I brought my scale from home, and none of my sister losers trusts it. My original plan was for us all to weigh at home on scales we trusted and then just report our weight. But someone (Pam) thought it would be more fun for us all to use the same one. This has not proven true so far. Pam is the main scale hater at the moment,but you have to remember that she is the one who weighed at home this morning with her clothes off and then her clothes on and gained 5 pounds in five minutes. She is not convinced her scale is wrong. “I have heavy clothes!”

But Pam is not the only one. Emily too weighed on the scale twice this morning and had different weights. So while we figure this out, we are still beginning our quest.

There are four of us: a dean, a librarian, a library assistant, and a student worker. As of yesterday, our total weight (on the suspect scales) was 579.5 pounds.

Here are our goals:

Emily wants to be able to fit into the pants she wore when she was first hired. This is a common problem in the library where we measure our time here not in service ribbons but in increased clothing sizes.

I want to weigh what Emily does now.

Our student worker has been losing weight and is using us to continue her motivation. This may have been a poor decision on her part.

And Pam has many motives, and I am going to try to get her to narrow them down to one or two.

What are our obstacles to losing weight?

  • Food is everywhere in the library. During my birthday week, folks brought in three cakes. This week, which is no one’s birthday, has seen one cake so far. Even when we bring our lunches, there is always someone about to go to Captain D’s or Taco Bell and asking “Do you want me to bring you anything?”
  • Our jobs are mostly sedentary.  This morning I went out for a 2 mile walk/run, which, according to my pedometer, took  4547 steps. Since I’ve been at work, I’ve only added 1900 more.
  • At least 2 of us have no willpower. (Guess which 2?)

So we are going public with our efforts so that you can help keep us motivated or at least embarrassed enough not to eat whole cakes on the sly in our offices (And yes, I am the only one with an actual office!) So our five regular readers, we are depending on you.

Until next time,

The Library Losers

13 thoughts on “The Library Losers Begin, Not With a Bang, But with A Whine.

  1. My goal is to reach 134 lbs… (ie. to be able to sit at the circ desk without my add-a-button (or 3) elastic, extention-strip) and be able to breath ;-)…

    I need luck, sisters, I need luck…

      1. Yes, of course there is, Kimberly. It’s called…a rubber band 😉
        Actually, they do make an extender made of plastic with a loop in one end and a button in the other. You place the button end in the pant’s hole and then the loop goes around the button-thus extending the space! Now, of course, I use multiple extenders, like a train, linking one to the the other…to the…

  2. Soooo, I dont know what the problem is with the scale. I personally found a great deal of motivation from gaining 7lbs in less than 24 hours and then losing 6 in 10 minutes! At this rate I’ll meet my goals by the time I leave work today!

  3. Yes, we are going to have to get a new scale 😦 Who would have thought the Weight Watchers digital scale could let me down?

  4. Check out this article about the benefits of bike commuting and weight loss from Bicycling magazine through the Health and Wellness datbase.
    Bicycling. Sept 2005 v46 i8 p39.

    Full Text: COPYRIGHT 2005 Rodale Press, Inc.

    A recent University of North Carolina study found that people who walked or biked to school or work were less likely to be overweight than those who drove or used public transportation. Bottom Line: If your boss gives you a hard time about bike commuting, point out that you’re helping to reduce company health insurance costs by staying slim.

    Record Number: A139606824

  5. Here’s an article in the Commercial Appeal newspaper found through the Newsbank Database: America’s Newspapers.
    The Commercial Appeal – Wednesday, November 19, 2003
    Author: Tom Bailey Jr. ;

    It has great tips on bicycle commuting in all types of weather.

  6. OK Chickas,
    Here’s what got me: Chocolate. It all began with the Hershey’s kisses my mom sent me in a mug as part of my birthday! THEN…there was, of course, the Easter color, peanut- m & m’s in the SALE BIN at CVS, and could I pass up such a deal? THIS was followed by Easter ringing in the Speckled chocolate-malted milk ball Robin’s eggs. Have you ever just let one melt in your mouth and then dug at the crunchy outer layer with your teeth, nibbling away until your tongue melts into the chocolate beneath…and THEN sucks into the malted center?? Well, you MUST try it. The latest pathway to my dietary collapse was…well, a friend recently brought me a DARK-CHOCOLATE, ORGANIC chocolate bar!! How could I let it go to waste??…esPECIALLY when I was needing a comfort food one chilly night for a treat??

    I suck.

  7. Our little ex-student worker, Po, just stopped by and offered to be on “our team”! Yeah, right, I said…she weighs in at 94 lbs! and wears a size Double 0 (Yes, friends, that’s 00). We don’t need YOUR KIND! 😉

    1. Just keep Po around and give her all of that chocolate. It’s a good way to pass it on to a good cause and Po would not ever gain weight regardless of how much chocolate she ate. No one should be allowed to wear a size 00. Enjoyed your post Pam!

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