Monday Motivator: New Season, New Beginnings

This past Saturday, I took all of my last spring and summer clothes out of boxes and put all of my fall and winter clothes into boxes. It is a twice-yearly tradition with me since I don’t have enough room to keep all my clothes out at one time. It is also a time to do a quick evaluation: Do any of the clothes that were too small now fit? (Usually that answer is no.) Why did I think certain outfits ever looked good? (There is no good answer to that.) 

And it occurred to me that spring is also a good time to evaluate goals, see which ones are worth keeping, and maybe set some new ones. After all, those new year’s resolutions were set in the midst of winter, on a holiday come-down, and perhaps in a fog of leftover fruitcake and Christmas cookies. With flowers blooming and weather warming (and I do realize the irony of writing that today with the temps in the 30’s), it is the perfect season to make a new beginning.

So your motivator for this week is to evaluate some of those January resolutions and see if they need discarding or updating. Here are some examples:

  • Were you going to start an exercise plan that never materialized? Well, now the weather is warm,and the days are longer. It might be a little easier to get started. Or maybe you could modify it to working in the garden!
  • Were you going to spend more time with friends? Well, snowy, cold days may have made you a hibernator instead. But now, restaurants have opened their patios, and it would be nice to sit outside in the twilight and catch up.

Anyway, you get the idea. Me, I think I’ll revamp my resolution to save money into save money for a vacation.

Until next Monday!

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