Celebrate Poetry Month!

Here is a strange thing. Once a year, in April, I send out to interested people a poem a day to celebrate poetry month. Folks tell me that they enjoy reading the poems, and our poetry month celebration is one of their favorite times. But when I ask them if they are reading poems at other times, they often say no. Why aren’t we reading more poetry when we obviously enjoy it?

I have no good answer to that question, but I can provide you with some links that will provide you great poems:

Poetry  Daily

The Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor


If you’re new to poetry and would like some recommendations, here are some of my favorite poets (in no particular order):

Marge Piercy

Mary Oliver

Billy Collins

Louise  Clifton

Maya Angelou

Emily Dickinson

But the best way to start reading poetry is to pick up an anthology and just let certain poems speak to you. For they certainly will.


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