The Library Losers Get a Last-Minute Reprieve.

Things were looking quite grim for the losers today. Three of us weighed at noon, and we had either stayed the same or gained. Then at 5 p.m., student worker Naomi arrived to weigh in: She had lost 4 pounds. So our total weight this week is 585, which is .5 less than last week. We are claiming victory from the jaws of defeat.

But our almost failure put us in a more reflective frame of mind. We have been kidding ourselves and must get a little more serious about our efforts. It does no good to have a turnip for dinner if our appetizer is a pound bag of M&M’s. We also realized that our five faithful readers will lose that faith if we don’t show a good-faith effort.

So a big I’m sorry from us to you. But we are not totally pathetic. This afternoon

  • Emily walked to Target and back, after working out this morning and was only a few hundred steps from 10,000 when she left for the Southeast Center to do an orientation.
  • I’ve made my 10,000 steps for the day.
  • Pam has started riding her bicycle again. In fact, here is her update for the week: “Positive turnarounds include hopping back on my bike now that Spring has sprung (hopefully not my ankle as I’m pedaling excess lbs. into thin air), as well as NOT EATING HEAVY MEALS LATE AT NIGHT (be it, I am too lazy to cook, but….) I am inspired, as I grow older, to think about intaking nutrient-filled foods — including my nightly raw turnip (yum), raw carrots, raw almonds and a leaf of raw kale (the most nutritious of all). I’m also purchasing an odometer for my bike to keep track of miles.”
  • Naomi has the advantage of being a student with two jobs, so she doesn’t have a lot of time to eat. We hope to keep her that way until the rest of us get our acts together.

 However, we are beginning to realize that we would have to walk or ride our bikes to Arkansas and back to make up for the snacking we’re doing. So I’m suggesting to my fellow losers that we keep track of what we eat for the next week, yes, the dreaded food diary. Now many successful dieters swear by the food diary, but it is something that we have stayed away from for several reasons:

  • keeping a list of what and how much we eat feels too much like math or science, subjects that bring back bad memories.
  • we fear that we are pretending that we are eating much less than we are, and the proof in black and white will mean we’ll have to give up some of our favorites.
  • and in my case, I’m just too lazy.

If you are interested in keeping a food diary, here are some basic instructions. While all you have to do is jot down what you eat, a template is also nice.

Of course, this past weekend was Easter with its plethora of Peeps and chocolate bunnies, and this week is the post-Easter candy sales. So we have been surrounded by more temptation than usual.

But the weather has improved, so we’re able to get out more. And also clothes that show more body might put a little pressure on us to take this weight loss thing a little more seriously.

So we are hopeful that next week, we’ll have better news to report.


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