The Library Losers: How Can Something so Sweet Be so Evil?

Let us consider the scone. It is a beautiful thing to behold. It has the qualities of both sweet and bread. It’s substantial enough to keep your appetite at bay, and the cinnamon scone is a sweet treat indeed. Sure, it’s not fancy like chocolate mousse or tiramisu, but its plain beauty calls out from the counter at Starbucks every time I go by. As a person born in England, the scone always reminds me of my homeland.

Yet, I discovered today that the scone has a darker side. Emily, who also enjoys  having a nice blueberry scone for breakfast, informed me of the awful truth: the blueberry scone has 460 calories, and my own darling, the cinnamon scone, contains 510!  How could such an innocent, sweet creation be so bad for us?

Since Emily’s scone was breakfast, she could conceivably make up for the calories during the day. But mine was a snack. So I went into this weigh-in knowing that the chances of losing weight after consuming four or five 500-calorie snacks for the week were not good. And sure enough, I gained a pound. I suppose I should be grateful that it wasn’t more.

Pam maintained this week. She was very proud of herself until she went to the library dedication ceremony where she consumed a cookie or two or seven. Still, she is up to 90 turkey gobbler prevention exercises (better known as tgps) each day.

Student worker Naomi did not come in today to be weighed. I believe she is hiding from me since she did her final speech (problem/solution) on the state of the library’s refrigerator.

And I, my friends, am mourning the loss of my daily companion, the scone. Like many intense loves, it was incredibly pleasurable but ultimately bad for me. Or as Snow Patrol likes to sing, “Just because I’m sorry doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy myself at the time.” Cinnamon scones, I enjoyed every moment we spent together, and I will miss you.


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