Monday Motivator: Reach Out to Flood Victims

As I write this, the toll keeps rising from the weekend’s floods. At least four colleagues have lost their homes and had to be rescued from rising waters. And then there are our colleagues whose family members also had to be evacuated and have lost their homes. Some are still hoping to hear from those missing. And some are safe in their homes, but the roads and bridges are such that they can’t leave their neighborhoods. As for the wider community, we are being told to conserve water. There is real damage to roads and bridges. The Opryland Hotel and the downtown have suffered real damage, striking a blow to our tourist industry and our economy.

So there really can only be one Monday Motivator for this week. Reach out to those who are suffering from this disaster.

On the news this weekend, a Red Cross representative said the best way to help at this point is to make a monetary donation, which makes sense. An easy way to make a donation is to text  ‘REDCROSS’ to 90999 to donate $10 to disaster relief.

Another great way to help is check the Hands on Nashville site; the Office of Emergency Management is coordinating the efforts here.

Of course, people are going to need all sorts of other types of help as well, the kind that only friends and colleagues can give:

  • Babysit a child so that they can meet with the insurance adjustor.
  • Dogsit or catsit.
  • Give a giftcard for the basics: underwear, toiletries, etc.
  • A restaurant giftcard might be nice as well.
  • Provide a listening ear or a hug.
  • Help clean up.

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