The Library Losers: A Post-Semester Report

Yesterday, as I sat in my temporary office while renovations go on around me, I thought of my sister Library Losers and how they were doing since the semester ended two weeks ago. So I emailed them all and got updates on their progress. So here goes:

  • Student Worker Naomi is on break from school, of course. And she reports that things are fine, losing a pound or two each week. She also said that biking is helping, of course.
  • Emily is also on break. Although she was enjoying a blueberry  scone when she wrote me back, she also noted that she had actually lost weight while out and was back to her original weight when we started the group.
  • Pam is working for admissions during the break, calling back all the students who have left messages about their applications. She thinks being busy in an office without a surplus of food around has helped, but she hasn’t checked her weight since she has trust issues with her scale at home.
  • Today, I weighed the least I’ve weighed all month, although 2 pounds more than my low back in April. I too think it has helped to be out of the direct path of food. I eat lunch before I come in or bring lunch and then that’s it until dinner. I’ve also been able to exercise most days. I have found, though, that I am walking fewer total steps each day, mostly because it is such a pain to lock everything every time I leave my temporary office.

So my post-semester analysis is this: The library losers seem to do better apart than together, and the library deserves its reputation as being a place where you gain weight once you’re hired there.

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