Monday Motivator: Keep a List of Funny Things.

Perhaps it was the end of a long weekend where I had been running to various events or running to buy things for those various events. Maybe it was just the logical consequence of sitting in the hot sun in a dress for two days in a row. Maybe it was just because I was hungry and a little dehydrated. But on the way home last night, I found myself feeling depressed, so much so that suddenly there was a tear running down my face. And just as smiling can make you feel happier, a tear can make you feel much sadder, so by the time I walked in my house, I was sure that nothing good was ever going to happen again.

I changed from my sweat-soaked dress and washed up. Then I cooked supper. Still depressed, I turned on the television. I had forgotten, but it was my luck that it was 8:30 on Monday night, which meant “The Big Bang Theory” was on. I don’t know why, but those four nerdy guys just tickle me and by the end of the show, I was feeling much better about life in general. (Although I’m sure having supper and sitting in an air-conditioned room didn’t hurt.)

Now I’m not suggesting sit-coms as cures for severe depression or periods of mourning, but they can really help with the run-of-the-mill case of the blues. Laughing at anything even for a few seconds makes it a little easier to laugh again and to start feeling better.

So my advice for this week is to make a list of things that make you laugh. And when the next case of the blues hits, look at that list and do one of those things. It’s much nicer than sitting and feeling sorry for yourself.  But have the list ready because when you’re all sad and self-pitying, it’s hard to think of things that will cheer you up. For me, it is the funny television show, such as “The Office” or “My Name is Earl,” both which are in syndication so they are usually easy to find. Just thinking of some of those episodes can make me smile. Of course, it will be different for you. But go ahead and make that list. It’ll help the next time you need just a little cheering up!


3 thoughts on “Monday Motivator: Keep a List of Funny Things.

  1. I agree Faye. I watch mostly comedy on TV for that reason – it keeps me in a good mood. Of course, laughing at yourself works also. I was shopping last night and trying to wrestle 5 tomato cages into a buggy. I was having such a hard time, I had to imagine someone taping me and seeing myself pop up on You-tube. Just the thought made me laugh at myself. Much better to laugh at yourself than get upset over losing a fight with tomato cages and a buggy. I was in a good mood all night over my little comedy – of course, I’m easily entertained – Ha.

    1. I totally agree. You know the saying: Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves. They will never cease to be entertained!

  2. True, making yourself laugh does have a pull-you-out-of-the-blues effect. Just the other night, I was in quite a sunken mood myself and my friend Jimmy called. He started laughing before he told me his story, and it annoyed me because I was in such a foul mood–BUT THEN, he proceeded to tell me about his little shed that had floated 2 lots up from his yard during the flood – had survived and landed there in one of his renter’s yards. All was well, until his renter called a few days later and told him a tree had fallen on his little shed and crushed it! Ha… For some reason, we both just cracked up at the poor demise and fate of this little shed…like it parked itself right there ready to be smooshed! Hee.. By the end of our conversation, I was feeling so much better.

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