The Library Losers: In Which Our Heroines Decide to Try Again.

In the scheme of great moral challenges, losing ten pounds really shouldn’t rate very high. Still, if you go on and search weight loss or look at any woman’s magazine or even click through late night televison, you can’t help but notice that losing weight has become synonymous with happiness in our culture. Especially in the infomercials advertising various exercise programs. Thirty minutes can’t pass without someone breaking down and crying about how unhappy they were with all that added weight and how much better their life is now. Usually, weight gain is associated with some sort of emotional pain as well: such as “eating feelings” or “disguising sexuality under layers of fat.”

This, my friends, will not be the story of the library losers. With the possible exception of Pam, there will be no public crying or emoting about how potato chips = substitute for love. We have come to the conclusion that we have gained weight because we like to eat and we don’t particularly like to exercise. So when you do the math: calories consumed – calories burned, the answer is that there are too many calories still hanging around, literally on our thighs, arms, and stomachs.

So we have decided to give it another go this summer. Starting this week, the Library Losers have rejoined. We will weigh once a week, and we will hope to reach the goals that we set, but didn’t make, in the spring. Along the way, we hope to get a little healthier as well.

We can use your support or become part of our team. Here’s to a good summer for us all.


4 thoughts on “The Library Losers: In Which Our Heroines Decide to Try Again.

  1. I wish I was on the main campus and I”d join in. I’m not weighing myself, but I’m doing the Couch to 5k program in the hopes of running a race in July. So far, so good.

    Good luck to us all.

  2. I won’t to join. I could definitely afford to shed a few pounds. If I can get any others in the WCD office to join me we may create our own team.

    1. Whoops I meant to say, “I want to join!” I guess I need to work on my writing skills this summer too. :0)

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