The Library Losers: In Which Our Heroines Face Competition and the Fear of Success

For many months, the Library Losers have been dealing only with ourselves. There have been no outside forces to compel us to improve our dietary habits. This changed last week. First, Amy Stewart joined our group, and she has serious goals, such losing a certain amount each week as well as a certain percentage of body fat. Suddenly, we’re thinking we’re going to have take ourselves a little more seriously.

Then things got even worse. Over in the C Building, a gentle group of women centered around the Workforce Training Office came together to form another group of losers, and they are also serious. They even gave themselves a name: The Featherweights. It became clear that the Losers would have to get serious or be known forever more as the group that even lost at losing.

And we had a good week. Our group lost a total of 2.5 pounds. There were several contributing factors to this besides the competition. One of us (and we’ll go nameless here to avoid the shame) took before pictures of the flabby parts as a cruel reminder the next time she wanted to pretend that things were not as bad as she thought. One of us went to the gym six out of the last seven days.

But quickly, we discovered another problem. We had succeeded. And what do you do when you succeed at something? You celebrate! And how do we celebrate? That’s right. With ice cream.

So we are now trying to feel good about ourselves without that icy legal addictive substance. Only next week’s weigh-in will tell us if we can keep the ball rolling. So check in with us.

By the way, the Featherweights are starting off nicely At press time today, they’ve lost 2 pounds.


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