Monday Motivator: In Each Life, Rain Will Fall. So Buck Up.

Last week, we moved back into our beautiful renovated library with new carpet and new paint. It was a wonderful week. Then this morning, I received a call from my staff. There had been a sprinkler mishap. By the time it was over, bound periodicals were soaked, carpet was soaked in the learning center and library, and the floor was messed up in our computer lab. Water soaked through some of our walls and our floors, and for awhile, we weren’t sure if electrocution might not be in our future.

But in general, the damage was relatively mild. It looks like our computers came through unscathed. You never like to lose books, but if you have to, bound periodicals have the least impact on our students. Still, it was disheartening to watch the workers rip up our new carpet squares and know that it may be many weeks before the replacements will come in.

But what do you do? Sit around and whine? Or get up and do what needs to be done? Although I am often quite proficient at the former, I find that doing the latter actually makes life a little easier. So we got started on cleaning out a room that will become our second lab (and probably our only lab for the upcoming weeks). Maintenance, of course, started working on the various problems immediately. And we looked for a way to be open for students first thing tomorrow.

I doubt that we’ll look back on this day and say it turned out to be a great day. But we got things done. And in the end, that’s the important thing.

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