Bye Sandy! Have a Great Retirement!

Sandy O'Donnell

Wednesday was Sandra O’Donnell’s last day at the library. She will be greatly missed by her colleagues and by NSCC students.

One of my early memories of Sandy was the first day I had to call in because; for some reason, I wasn’t going to be in on time, and she answered the phone. Sandy has one of those incredible phone voices that immediately send out the message that it is a wonderful thing you’ve called her and she can think of nothing better than helping you out that day. It’s exactly the kind of message that I want our library to have. 

But one of my best memories of Sandy was one day in between semesters when students often come to be advised, but not all faculty are on campus. I came in to find Sandy and a student with a couple of math books open. Sandy was trying to help the student find the right course to take! The student had come in totally frustrated but left with hope and the sense that there was a friendly face at the library.

At our party on Wednesday, some of our student workers, whom Sandy supervised, came on campus purposely to see her one last time. One student, at the end of the day, asked what the cake was for. When I told her that Sandy was retiring and this was her last day, she immediately ran out of the library to catch up with Sandy as she was leaving to say a goodbye and give her a hug.

Sandy, we hope you have a wonderful retirement. You certainly deserve some time to yourself and time to travel and see your family. But know that you will always be welcome back at the library where you always be considered part of the family.


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