The Jolly Librarian Joins the Gym: Part 3

Well, this is actually a clarification of some things I wrote last week. You see, some readers pointed out that saying that I listen to Lady GaGa made me seem less nerdy than I really am.  So in fairness, I must point out that the only reason I know the song “Poker Face” is from the Youtube video done by librarians.

Second, I gave the impression that I didn’t care what you read or watched as long as you were working out. That too is not quite right. I have a complete and illogical disdain for “The View.” I can’t explain it, but those women talking over each other makes me want to scream. Well, maybe that does explain it.

But I do have some more songs to put on your list for good running songs:

“Please Just Take These Photos from My Hands” — Snow Patrol. Very good for making up stories while you run and listen.

“Sunglasses at Night” –Corey Hart. An oldie but a goodie.

“Saturday Night’s All Right for Fighting” — Elton John.

“Vertigo”– U2. U2 Songs are also excellent for story inventions.

Keep running and reading, my library friends.


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