The Library Losers: In Which Our Heroines Party Like Librarians.

First of all, the Library Losers would like to thank the diet gods for Amy joining our team. Once again, she has lost 1.5 pounds, proving that working outside the library seems to be a key indicator for success in losing weight. Still, it was a good week. Two of us maintained, and two of us lost, for a grand total of 3 pounds loss for the week. The Jolly Librarian is at her lowest weight in several months, despite her traitorous behavior last week.

Still, the week was fraught with peril, mainly a book-signing party Friday night. Since it was hosted by one of our colleagues, we three Losers attended. You have to be clear on one thing: If Charles has anything to do with a function, there is going to be a lot of good food there. There were several types of pasta salad. There was roast. There were dips of all types. There were bowls of nuts available no matter where you found yourself. And there were brownies. Of course, there was wine, lots of wine.

We sat and listened to the speaker. Then we sat some more and discussed all sorts of issues, including cabbages and kings, all the time doing some munching and sipping.

One of us felt the party had put her in a bad way, craving more pasta. The Jolly Librarian, feeling the effects of wine, wondered if she would be able to exercise the next day. And a third seemed to eat very little, which made the other two glare at her suspiciously throughout the evening.

But our attendance at this party made us review our party-going eating habits, and we learned the following:

  • Eating as an excuse for not having to talk to people you don’t know will add weight as well as making you unpopular. It’s better to appear shy and withdrawn than that you find a piece of meat more intriguing than the person sitting next to you.
  • Move the nut bowl far, far away from you.
  • As a corollary, move from the buffet table as soon as you can.
  • Holding a wine glass, even an empty one, can give you something to do with your hands rather than grabbing fistfuls of food.

I hope our experience helps. Until next week.


3 thoughts on “The Library Losers: In Which Our Heroines Party Like Librarians.

  1. Love you to death, Faye, you crack me up! Another trick to stay on target is to follow the water drinking plan I sent you. It works! It helps me to only eat at set times and keeps me from grazing. Also, I’m going to join Snap Fitness gym across the street, and would love to have company if anyone else wants to join with me. They have a free week special going and offer a $5 monthly discount for state employees. Woohoo! The Library Losers will triumph!

  2. Dear Dr. Jones,

    Thank you again for an entertaining review of your experiences! I learned a party food and drink trick years ago when I was a new 2nd Lt. and attended a function hosted by our base commander. Seemed that the General could drink martinis all night while never exhibiting any adverse effects, and because he had a constant glass in his hand he did not snack much. His trick was the bar tender made one real drink and then two that were water with the traditional olive. This also keeps you hydrated, helps burn the alcohol, and decreases the probability of a hangover the next day. All the best!

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