Monday Motivator: Take a Mini-Vacation!

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but here at NSCC, some of us seem to have a case of the summertime blues. Why? Well, we’re in the middle of a never-ending heat wave. We are on the tail end of renovations, and after a couple of years, it’s hard to stay enthused about torn-up ceilings and misplaced faculty. Students and faculty are beginning to feel the pressure of deadlines as the semester begins to wind down. For some, the long-planned getaway is already over. For others of us, we’re just realizing that we haven’t taken a vacation this summer, and now it’s likely we’re not going to be able to at all.

Yikes! No wonder we have the blues. So what is the cure?

The Jolly Librarian has the answer. Take a mini-vacation, just a little something that reminds you of those long lazy days of childhood summer breaks. Here are some suggestions:

  • Eat ice cream.
  • Ditch the serious literature and find a fun read in the genre of your choice. My favorite is mysteries, and I love the thought of having a new book waiting for me when I get home. Series are also good choices; it’s fun to follow the same set of characters through various adventures.
  • Go see an afternoon movie, the sillier the better. (And believe me, silly is not hard to find this summer.)
  • Download a few new songs. As my faithful readers know, I usually recommend Snow Patrol, but here, I’m going to have to move away from the lads. For this, think back to those crazy summer songs that made up your high school, college, or favorite vacations. Revisit them. I just put “Lime in the Coconut” on my iPod, and it makes me smile every time it comes up in rotation.
  • Go out one night and just watch the fireflies for a few minutes.
  • Be at tourist at home. We’re lucky to live in Nashville with its variety of music, art, history, and theatre, but most places have some claim to fame. Check them out.
  • Go swimming with a child. (Actually, get in the water. Don’t just watch from the side.)

This list is just a beginning. I’m sure you’ll add many more when you think about it.  And send me a virtual postcard from your mini-vacation 🙂


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