The Harbinger of the End

Even if we did not have the semester calendar available to us, the library staff would know that the term is nearing its end. During renovations, with the computers down and the upstairs blocked off, we saw just a few students a day. And many of their questions were informational in nature.

Then this week hit. Students are completing research papers, finding books for projects, and trying to learn the intricacies of PowerPoint and Word. Today, at one point, we navigated helping one woman learn how to post a discussion and take an online assessment while helping two others find sources for their research papers on crime and recidivism.

And we’ve never been so happy. Despite all the other jobs that go into being a library worker, nothing makes us happier than helping students with their assignments. This is why all of us chose a college environment.

So if you’re a student out there wondering if it’s a good time to go to your library to ask a question, the answer is a definite yes. Come on over. It’s our job and our privilege to help you.


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