Daily Archives: September 7, 2010

Monday Motivator: The Reason We’re Here

If you’re like me, you’ve had people ask you over the years: Why work at a community college? The answer varies depending on my mood, but it can be best summed up by an experience from last week.

A young woman came into the library to make some copies of a textbook chapter since her financial aid had not yet come through. She was with her infant daughter and another woman who was obviously babysitting. She needed some help getting on our course management system in order to print off her syllabus. So Iwent in the lab to help her.

The other woman, holding the baby, nodded towards the younger woman and said, “This is my daughter. And I’m so proud of her for deciding to come to college. Leaning in a little closer to me, she added, “Next semester, I’m coming here too. We’re going to take classes together.”

This mom could not have been prouder if her daughter had just gotten a full ride to a prestigious university. In fact, considering the all the facts, it was probably just as big an accomplishment. But not only was the mom proud, she was also inspired to take similar action. And that is the basic reason I work here because, like me, NSCC, and other community colleges, never stop believing in a person’s right to an education.

If you want to learn, we don’t care if you made some mistakes as a teenager, if you didn’t go to college at the “appropriate” age, or if you didn’t learn English as your first language.

All we care about is making it happen.