The Library Losers: In Which Our Heroines Stagger to a (Qualified) Victory

The first week of classes requires a great deal of stamina. In the library, students want to

  • check out textbooks
  • find their rooms
  • learn how to log into a course shell
  • print their schedules
  • find a tutor
  • add classes, and/or
  • drop classes

This means that we spend most of the days on our feet walking from the desk to various computers. It’s usually a good week to, at worst, maintain weight, and, at best, to lose a few pounds. The beginning of this semester brought added stress to our losers:

  • Emily and her husband closed on a house.
  • Pam bought a new car after wrecking hers the week before. Then this past weekend, she had a sinus infection.
  • The Jolly Librarian suffered from allergies that kept her coughing and unable to sleep.

Yes, we are a pitiful crew. But, surely, some small victory could be pulled from the jaws of such decrepitude. And it was, almost.

We lost a total of 3.5 pounds. The slacker was once again the Jolly Librarian who gained 2 pounds. I have to admit that when I have a sore throat, I tend  to gravitate towards ice cream and salt, salt in the form of vinegar and salt potato chips. And although I worked out all but one day last week, most were modified worksouts, more walking less running and sometimes a shorter distance.

Still most of the Losers are feeling optimistic, and I saw two of the Featherweights out for a walk yesterday. So we’re proceeding, certainly slowly, if not surely.


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