Coming Soon: Library Losers 2.0!

Today, Pam and I were discussing that we had perhaps become a little too complacent with our losing routine. After all, if you looked back a year, we both had done very well. But we realized we were resting upon our laurels and needed to take the Losers more seriously, the way we did when we started. I mentioned this to Amy who agreed. Then I told Emily, who said that she doubted that she’d ever taken our efforts very seriously, but agreed to keep going. I also realized that it had been a long while since I’d heard from the Featherweights. I knew it was time for a new beginning.

So starting next week, we will be the Library Losers 2.0.

All past gains and losses are gone. We are starting over with next week’s weigh-in.

So if your office wants to become a team of losers, now’s the time to join.


One thought on “Coming Soon: Library Losers 2.0!

  1. The WCD Featherweights engine ran out of steam very quickly. WCD was very busy this summer, and we did not have any time to walk. Two members of the WCD Featherweights started back walking 2 miles a day last week, and one more member joined us this week. We are trying to get back in the groove, and hope we are more successful at being a loser this go around.

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