Daily Archives: September 29, 2010

The Library Losers: Philosophy is a Walk on the Slippery Rocks.

The Losers will discuss our philosophy of weight loss today, since we had no tangible success this week. As a reminder, our beginning weight was 537.1 . Today, we weighed in at a hefty 541.2, yes, a 4.1 pound gain. Not the direction we were hoping for. 

None of us can offer a good reason for the gain, but perhaps a look at our prevailing philosophies of healthy living might shed a clue (In fairness, I did not ask my fellow losers about their philosophies. I am inferring from their behaviors.):

  • Amy is the only one who lost weight this week. I consider her the drillmaster type. She has a goal for each week, as far as pounds and inches lost, and keeps track of it. When she decided to join us, she also joined a gym. I think if she actually worked in the library with the rest of us, we would lose more weight. (Or we would be in jail, and you would be looking for Amy’s body under Charles’s boxes that have still not made it back into his cubicle.)
  • Emily’s philosophy can best be described as “flying under the radar.” You would never know that she is one of the losers. She never mentions our efforts except when I call her in each Wednesday to weigh. Occasionally, she’ll say that she went out for a run or a walk. Still her weight seems to always stay pretty much the same.
  • Pam has a more existential approach to weight loss, which fits her general personal philosophy. After all, this is the woman in the middle of moving books who will suddenly turn and ask, “Why do you think we’re here?” And the question has nothing to do with books. So it’s no surprise her fitness efforts are also filled with questioning. For example, last week, she wanted a snack. (To be fair, she saw me with some vanilla creme cookies.) She looked at my cookie packet, and then later at her very own cookie packet. Her face became sad and reflective: “Just think of it,” she said. “You eat them and then they’re gone. And what did it mean?” “It means you had a yummy snack,” I replied. But that was not the answer she was looking for.
  • I can only describe my own dieting philosophy as carpe diem. Yes, I have a goal weight. And I do want to get there. But not at the expense of enjoying myself. So I’m the one who eats the cookies and the ice cream and the pasta. But I’m also the one who runs and walks a lot. And I hope the two balance themselves out. But if they don’t, I’m probably always going to come down on the side of daily joy instead of delayed gratification. 

But where our philosophies have failed us, pants might just provide needed motivation. The weather has changed. And one of us has some pants from last year that she wants to fit into. Another has just ordered some new cords in a smaller size! So we start again.

Check in with us next week.