Daily Archives: October 4, 2010

Monday Motivator: Take Time to Watch the Dancing Flowers

At the beginning of the semester, Charles brought us all a gift, little plastic flowers with solar panels that make the flowers sway when the sun strikes them. Since I’m the only person with a window, and a narrow one at that, most of us just put our flowers on our desk and promptly forgot about them.

Until last Thursday. I was working at my computer when something caught my eye. It was my flower sitting in the middle of a pool of sun, dancing with the sort of wild abandon that Wordsworth wrote about.  I called out for people to come see. They did and immediately went to get their own, and soon we had a little group of dancing flowers.

Okay, in the universal scheme of things, it was no big deal: three waving plastic flowers. But it brought a touch of sunshine (literally and figuratively) to us that afternoon, and for a few minutes, we all laughed at and enjoyed our wildly gyrating flowers. And even after we returned to work, the rest of the day seemed to go a little better as well.

It made me wonder something: how many times have I been so busy or preoccupied or just plain grumpy that I didn’t take the time to notice the various little ‘dancing flowers’ around me? How many times have I missed such simple joys? My guess is too many.

So set a goal for this week: Don’t miss a chance to appreciate something simple, silly, and fun.