Daily Archives: October 13, 2010

The Library Losers: Here I Go Down that Wrong Road Again

Yesterday, the library staff had a goodbye lunch for Deborah. Before a meeting, I ate a piece of pizza. When I returned from the meeting, I ate two more pieces of pizza. Then I tried a little of Charles’s pasta salad. Then I had some retirement cake. Later, I came in the back to find that someone had left the bowl of hash brown potatoes out. I took out a spoon and ate some. Then I took out another spoon and ate some more. Finally, I put the retirement cake into plastic bags and ate any leftover icing that was left on the plate. And that was just at work. It is no surprise that I weigh 1.7 pounds more than yesterday. The only astonishing thing is that I did not explode at some point.

Despite the Jolly Librarian’s lapse in judgment, willpower, and just plain good sense, the news was not all bad for our team. Our total weight for this week is 536.7 pounds, a .4 loss from our beginning a month ago. Pam lost 2 pounds, and Amy and Emily maintained. So, thankfully, we are able to even each other out.

The good news is that there are no more retirement parties planned for the next month. So perhaps I can get back on track before the holiday season begins.