Daily Archives: October 20, 2010

The Library Losers: Feel Like I’m Winning When I’m Losing Again

The good news is that the Losers are at an all-time low: 535 pounds. The bad news is that our success can’t be explained by any logic or rational thought.  I feel a little like I did occasionally as an instructor when I would add up the final grades for a student who did not do well on any one particular assignment, but somehow made it to the passing range. The numbers seemed to take on a life of their on.  So it is with us this week.

Amy is at the same weight for the third week in a row. Here are her thoughts on this situation:

Well, despite my efforts of a five-day-a-week gym schedule, having a trainer, AND seeing a nutritionist, I made zero movement in the past week.  Not a single pound, inch, or BMI percentage point moved – in either direction.  There isn’t a word in the English language strong enough to convey my frustration level, but nevertheless, I shall persevere.  The fat will not defeat me!

I lost .7 pounds from last week, but since that weight reflected the ton of food I ate at the farewell party, it is not exactly a victory. And, to make matters worse, I have had to cut back on exercise. During the summer when I was on a modified schedule, I could get in four miles a day. Now I’m doing well to get three. And it’s showing. Oh, sure, some people might take this as a sign to eat less to make up for the exercise reduction, but, come on, you know that’d just not going to happen with the Jolly Librarian.

Pam lost weight as well this week, a fact we’re attributing to a party she’s giving this weekend, which required her to clean house this past fall break. And only those of you who know Pam can truly understand what kind of workout that was!

So we celebrate, although we don’t know why. And we hope our luck holds out.