Library Losers: “You Are Tired and You’re Losing Will”

This week the Losers weigh 538.1 pounds with 2 of us losing and two of us gaining. As we lose little weight, we, unfortunately, are losing our will to lose. As Emily said today, “I have learned nothing from this experience.”

On the other hand, I have learned many things:

  • Like a character in a John Mellencamp song, I’ve learned that I can no longer live (specifically eat) like a twenty-year-old.
  • I’ve learned that my colleagues will turn on me when I remind them to weigh on Wednesdays.
  • I’ve learned that animal crackers do indeed contain calories.
  • I’ve learned that going from 4-3 miles daily at the gym means a tighter waistband after a week or two.
  •  Most importantly, I’ve learned that if it comes down to enjoying an ice cream or weighing less, I will always enjoy the ice cream.

The nice thing is that we only have a month to go, so that the wicked looks I get on Wednesdays will soon come to an end. And I’ve already thought of a new activity for the New Year–one that does not involve the scale!


One thought on “Library Losers: “You Are Tired and You’re Losing Will”

  1. Hum,
    I have just polished off a half “sleeve” (as Sara Maxwell taught me they are called — I said pack) of Zesta saltines for my pre-dinner. I am staring at a leftover animal cracker (why is it called a cracker, pray tell? It’s a cookie)! All this to say I am discouraged at myself — HOWEVER — I am comforted by something, as well.

    Encouragement, even hope for good health, came to me a few days ago with the thought that rather than living daily with “What I cannot have”, to imagine rather, “What I should have to keep my body healthy”. That way I focus on the positive input rather than the negative…and in that, I don’t feel I have to give up all the bad — just be sure to incorporate the needed nutrients. So, I feel better about myself and more hopeful.

    I had 4 raw kale leaves for a pre-pre dinner snack. They tasted like cabbage, and I was thrilled at the idea that I was eating pure nutrients and hopefully keeping arthritis at bay. Took folic acid (as an old woman said her doctor recommend to do every day years ago and she never got arthritis and is now 86 yrs old). And, I took magnesium, too. All good stuff. 9 veggies and fruits a day they say to help ward off cancer.

    Tough to do. Pass the kale.

    Good luck losers!

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