Library Losers: Still Praying for a Miracle

Our total weight this week was 535.3. This is actually good news. We not only lost weight from last week, but we’re down from our first week in this series.

But things are not looking good for the Losers. As I mentioned last week, only Amy has maintained any enthusiasm for the task at hand. Emily is a lost cause. Pam is swinging between despair and hope.

And I am amazed at my body. I have found out one good thing. If I am ever lost in the desert and have no access to food, my body will happily preserve its fat. After having to fast for 36 hours this week, I lost a TOTAL of .8 pounds. Good for survivalist mode. Not so good for a life with a McDonalds on every corner.

And we are closing in on that most dreaded (for weight watchers) season: Thanksgiving and Christmas where snacks appear at every corner tempting and offering happiness. Yes, like every sappy holiday novel or movie ever written, the Losers need a miracle. But unlike those sappy novels and movies, I don’t see a happy ending here.


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