The Jolly Librarian Considers the Best of 2010

Here in no particular order are the best things that happened to the Mayfield Library in 2010:

  1. Our name changed to the John E. Mayfield Library. We are very proud to work in a library named after a man who has supported NSCC so enthusiastically over the years. Not only that, he is a big supporter of reading and literacy. And he is also a genuinely nice guy!
  2. Allison Boyd joined our staff in August. A mere youngster, Allison has brought added enthusiasm to the library. She seems incapable of losing interest in citation questions. She picked up interlibrary loans as if she’d done it her entire life. She has the fashion sense of a movie star from the Golden Age of Hollywood. And she may be the most genuinely positive person I have ever met. (She is also the only person in the library who uses the word “alas” in everyday conversation.)
  3. Terry Kane joined us in October. Another twenty-something, Terry is a fun colleague and a quick learner, which was helpful, since he came to us right in the middle of the semester. He plays in a band and reads Faulkner in his spare time. He owns a calm, unruffled personality which is very helpful when students lose their documents mid-essay and believe that the library staff can find them.
  4. Although I am no fan of plastic surgery, I am happy to report that the library received a major facelift this summer. The old girl needed it. The walls got a fresh coat of paint. There is new carpet. We added a second station to the circulation desk. We took down the old, weary banners and have some new ones to put up. It just seems a little cheerier around here.
  5. Sally has been part of a team investigating the use of app technology for libraries. Working with the iPad, she hopes to bring library services to the ever more mobile student.
  6. Of course, for all of us, one of the best things about 2010 was that, while hurt, Sally survived a bicycle vs. SUV crash in November. She hopes to be back part-time in January.
  7. As always, our student workers were great, getting books shelved and magazines organized. Every semester, they quickly become like family, and it is with a mixed feeling of pride and sadness when we say goodbye to them.
  8. I don’t know about other colleges, but here at NSCC, we often feel the love of colleagues: faculty, staff, and administrators. No, they don’t always shower us with money and gifts, but there is a genuine respect for what we do. We feel a real part of the college.
  9. From a personal perspective, I always consider one of the best things about each year is that I get to work in a library. Ever since I was a tiny child, I have considered libraries magical. And while I don’t consider every workday magical, I do think I have one of the best jobs on campus.
  10. And the best of 2010 can’t be complete without mentioning our students. Some we never do more than smile and nod as they come through to get books or do some work on the computers. Others start out shy and a little embarrassed but soon realize that we love helping them with their research problems, or any problem that may come up. One student said to us recently, “This is not technically a library question, but so far, you guys have found an answer to every other question I’ve had, so I’m going to ask you this as well.” And we did find the answer.

Looking back, we’ve had a pretty good year here at the Mayfield Library. And we’re looking forward to 2011.


2 thoughts on “The Jolly Librarian Considers the Best of 2010

  1. I am also thankful I survived the bicycle vs SUV accident in November. That’s why I’m a big advocate for greenways and bike lanes and driver education! I love being a librarian and teaching students about the hidden web found in library databases and about new technology and education. Being a librarian is the most fun job in the world. Hopefully in 2011 I can get back to being the “biking librarian”. Also, I am glad I work at NSCC with such a caring group of people.

  2. Hey,
    Tardy as I am, I really enjoyed this post. It made me feel happy because it was just so positive in reflection of all of our year here. We’ve had a lot of great things to be happy about and be grateful for. The 2 new additions to the staff have been such a great step in adding to our team. They both have excellent personalities, and I am so impressed with how bright Terry and Allison both are. Each bring such a new point of brightness to the library staff personality, as a whole. Happy New Year, All! Pam

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