The Jolly Librarian Ponders 2010: The Weird and the Wacky

Any year that has the library escaping the natural flood waters in May only to be soaked by a knocked-off sprinkler head during the summer is going to have its share of weird and wacky moments. Here in no particular order are some of the more memorable:

  • The most flattering inappropriate student comment. A student looking for Pam came back to the circulation desk and said to me, “Well, I usually want Pam to help me, but you’re cute too.”
  • The most unflattering inappropriate student comment. A student came to the desk asking for the person who had helped him during the morning. He said to me, “Well, she was a woman like you, only young.” Ouch!
  • The most irritating faculty comment. Said by many: “What do you do when we’re not on campus?”
  • The most interesting find in a study room. A pair of man’s pants.
  • Best newly coined word by a library staff member. “Thighous” by Pam Gadd. As in “I look especially thighous in this picture.” Meaning: More thigh than you would like to have on your leg.
  • Oddest nickname given to a staff member. “Mr. Peabody.” A student called Andrew that; we have no idea why.
  • Best political comment. A student told Emily that he needed some sources and none from those liberal magazines that colleges like to push on people.
  • Best Gift. A small reading gargoyle statue that will become the library’s mascot.

Here’s to a wonderful and eccentric 2011.


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