The Library Life Listers: The Lists Revealed!

Life lists, by their nature, are fluid entities. Items are added and subtracted as lives and needs change. And, of course, in the hands of the library staff, they will be even more fluid than normal. And because our lists are public, obviously, there are some areas of our lives that have been left off.

So, without further ado, let’s reveal the life lists. I’m leaving names off until the end to see if you can match the list to the person.

Staff Member 1:

  • Learn French
  • Go to France (or, more realistically, Quebec)
  • See Pam perform live at Station Inn and/or Bluebird Cafe
  • Cook a new dish and/or pie each week
  • Drive across the country (take Northern and Southern route)
  • Read less tripe, more classics.
  • Acquire and watch Mad Men Season 4 (preferably, at the same time as MFJ in order to facilitate more meaningful show analysis)
  • Grow vegetable garden and herb garden
  • Share wealth of vegetables, some in the form of pies.
  • Cook dinner for friends (more often)
  • Paint the dining room/paint shelves
  • Construct a blue bottle tree
  • Read the book MFJ loaned me
  • Return book MFJ loaned me
  • Stay out past 9 more often
  • Visit all National Parks (Eleven down)
  • Visit all Fifty States (14 left to go…)
  • Go on more picnics (double points for picnics in National Parks)
  • Get a hobby.

Staff Member 2:

  • an excellent (flute) performance at my little brother’s wedding in May
  • stay at the top of my linguistics class at MTSU
  • translate the book of Esther (although I’m already wondering how in the world I’m going to find time for this!)
  • find some worthwhile-seeming way (volunteering for some organization, probably) to work toward solving the problem of homelessness
  • write some things I’m proud of
  • get better at Spanish
  • somehow improve the ESL classes I help with

Staff Member 3:

  • Read at least 2 books a month
  • Lose weight to 132 and maintain below 135
  • Exercise an hour a day at least 5 days a week
  • Write at least 1 letter a week
  • Pay my vehicle off in 4 years, not 6
  • Record another cd of original songs
  • Play at least 20 shows a year 🙂

Staff Member 4:

  • Read all Charles Dickens.
  • Go to a concert at least once a year.
  • Travel out of state once a year.
  • Have something to read at Writing Group each meeting.
  • Also stay out after 9 more often.
  • Attend every Frist exhibit.
  • Visit Cheekwood in every season.
  • Pay off my house early.
  • Don’t whine about problems. Either solve them or let them go.
  • Cook two dishes a month.
  • Practice piano.

Staff Member 5:

  • Get well after my broken leg and get back on my bike!
  • Advocate for more greenways and bike lanes that people to destinations.
  • Promote the Tenn. Electronic Library.
  • Educate more faculty and students on what a great resource MERLOT is. 
  • Create a student friendly MERLOT portal for theTBR eLearning portal. This is close to being ready. 
  • Create an app.  The first Tennessee app was created by the TTC/Hohenwald. Called “Green electrons and ham”.
  • Learn something new everyday.
  • Plant more trees.
  • I would like to organize a “Cycling for Libraries Conference” along a famous bike trail in the United States.  I’m thinking maybe the East Coast Greenway that goes from Maine to Georgia. They are having one at the end of May this year from Copenhagen to Berlin.  It’s going to be 10 days stopping along the way to talk about various library topics.

 Lists and Owners:

Staff Member 1–Emily

Staff Member 2–Allison

Staff Member 3–Pam

Staff Member 4–Margaret Faye

Staff Member 5–Sally


2 thoughts on “The Library Life Listers: The Lists Revealed!

  1. I loved reading your’all’s life lists. I’m failing so far, anyone else? By the way, truly, I am touched that someone wants to see me perform – and especially so that you would think enough of it to place it on your life list! I am honored!

  2. P.S. I take that back- I’m not failing. I am reading quite a bit. I’m not working out, I’m struggling getting into total food control, etc. Those types of struggles make me feel like I’m failing…but I’m not, right!?

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