Monday Motivator: Find the Right Motivator

A philosopher friend of mine was going to write a paper on the implausibility of self-deception. It was his contention that one could not one deceive oneself since one was the originator of one’s thoughts. And deception took an act of will and thought.  (This example may explain why I don’t hang out with philosophers on a regular basis.)

Still, I’ve had reason to think of my friend recently as I’m now on round 8  of my battle with the alarm clock. Regular readers know that I like to sleep and have slept through 3 alarm clocks going off at intervals of fifteen minutes. I do not like this habit in myself. and each night, swear that the next morning, I will make a new beginning. Which I don’t.  So am I deceiving myself in believing that one day, I will get up on time?  And I’m not talking here about watching the sun rise. I’m talking about getting up in time to do the things I need to do before coming into work.

Psychologists might argue that I have not yet found the right motivation. I don’t have to be at work until later in the morning, so a soft warm bed is certainly more inviting than getting up in the cold, putting on some sweats, and driving over to the Y. And the soft bed is certainly more immediately rewarding than the promise of looser pants a few months down the road.

Even the alarms are not as motivating as you might think. One can be shut off with a quick slap on the snooze button. Even the one in the other bedroom is a mere 5 steps away and the path can be navigated with eyes mostly closed. 

I suppose having a kid or a dog would solve this problem. But that’s not in the cards. So I have to keep searching for an appropriate motivator.

And I bet I’m not the only one out there. I’m sure you too have one thing that you’ve been trying to fix or change, and it just hasn’t come together. So this week, let’s all look that successful motivator!


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