Library Life Listers: Sometimes Surviving is Good Enough

Only four of us will report today. Poor Pam has been down for the count with a virus. The Jolly Librarian is also home sick. And Emily just reported that it took her a hour to make the less than two-mile trip home in the most current snow event. Still, progress was made on our life lists.


Read more classics, less tripe:

I’ve been slowly reading The Sun Also Rises in hopes of learning a few French turns of phrase (it’s set in Paris, so some are liable to show up, right?). However, I’m not convinced my predilection for food lit and ::gasp:: YA (i.e., young adult, if you don’t know the lingo) novels needs to be overcome.  (Jolly Librarian comment: Don’t give up the other types; just add a classic every often!)


  • My most exciting thing this past week is that I have now graduated to walking without an assistive device.  I’m still slow, but at least I am walking.  Life is good!
  • Something new that I learned this week is that Vincent Van Gogh had a special album where he kept a lot clippings from Harper’s Weekly of drawings of the American cartoonist Thomas Nash.  He used these for inspiration.
  • I also learned that “Green Living” actor Ed Begley, Jr. generated power for the toaster on his TV show “Living with Ed” by riding a stationary bike.  I’ve been riding a stationary bike at my therapy a lot lately.
  • I am continuing to work on the idea of a “Cycling for Libraries Conference”.
  • I am hopefully going to go to the TLA conference this year in Murfreesboro.  This July I am going to submit a poster session idea for the 2012 TLA conference in Knoxville about MERLOT and how librarians can use it to help their patrons.  I am also going to submit a regular session idea for a session called “Cycling for Libraries”.


  • an excellent (flute) performance at my little brother’s wedding in May.

This week, I have not had (haven’t found? haven’t made?) time to do much more than tonal exercises. I am putting together my own arrangement of “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring,” though  (I have two arrangements of this piece, but neither will work as a solo piece), and I’m about halfway finished with this.

  • stay at the top of my linguistics class at MTSU

I’ve decided to change this to “stay on top of my linguistics class”–if I were to try to stay at the top of the class, I wouldn’t have time to work toward any of my other goals! The class is still going well. Last night, a classmate and I led a discussion on a folk dialectology study. Our first test was also last night, and it was easier than I’d expected.

  • translate the book of Esther

This week I have translated one verse. ONE VERSE. Much to do here!

  • find some worthwhile-seeming way to work toward solving the problem of homelessness in Nashville

I have a lot to do here, too. I bought one copy of The Contributor, and I spent a few minutes reading about Mobile Loaves & Fishes. That’s all so far.

  • write some things I’m proud of

Not this week!

  • become more fluent in Spanish

Last week I said I needed to purchase an adapter cord for my ipod so I could listen to Radio Lingua podcasts in the car. I have not done this yet. (Alas, it’s so much easier to buy boots and chocolate!) However, I’ve listened to several episodes of Coffee Break Spanish at home, while I’m cooking, washing dishes, or doing other necessary things around the house. This week I got in a much-needed review of the preterite tense! Also, I met with the Spanish-speaking church again Sunday night, and I understood much more than I did last week.

  • somehow improve the ESL classes I help teach

I’ve started brainstorming and discussing this with the other teachers.

Margaret Faye

  • Have something to take to writing group each time.

I managed to get a chapter revised and ready. No one proclaimed me the next Faulkner, but it was nice to contribute.

  • Practice piano.

It depends on how you define ‘practice.’ I did “play” a couple of times, and can slowly do a simple error-free rendition of “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”


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