How Do You Say ‘Jolly Librarian’ in Spanish?

I have a recurring fantasy that I’m in a coffee shop having my usual decaf latte when two people sitting next to me launch into a heated discussion in French. They trust that the silly American sitting next to them can know no language other than English. But little do they know, I am fluent in several languages. And by the end, I know all their secrets.

Okay, actually, I know only a smattering of Spanish and French, and unless someone’s secret was “Hello. Where is the bathroom”, I would not discern much of anything as a spy. Still, learning a foreign language is a common resolution each January 1 and a popular item on many life lists. Students taking foreign language often are in the need of some extra resources as well. Well, the Jolly Librarian has found a great site. It is the BBC Language website.

This site has great resources for several languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, and many others. There are 12-week online, interactive lessons for French, Spanish, Italian, and German. There are videos available as well as various exercises. There are also video clips of news and cultural items from the countries themselves.

It is a great site for practice in that new language!

BTW, “Jolly Librarian” in Spanish is “bibliotecario de Jolly.”


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