Monday Motivator: Spread the Love

On Facebook this morning, there were all sorts of Valentine statements from the mushy to the jaded to the utterly cynical. Valentine’s Day is not for the faint of heart if you’re not happily in a relationship. And the key word is “happily” because there are plenty of folks who are in unhappy relationships and Valentine’s Day doesn’t do a lot for them either.

I have nothing against Valentine’s Day; in fact, any holiday that encourages the giving and eating of chocolate has a big thumbs-up from me.  But maybe it would be less of a pain for folks if we broadened out its message. Instead of feeling bad about the state of our romantic relationships, maybe we should use Valentine’s Day to spread some good old-fashioned friendly love to everyone we meet.

And include spreading that love to yourself. No one bought you a box of candy? Go out and buy one for yourself. Enjoy each bite.

So the message for this week is don’t worry so much about who is or is not loving you. Spend more time on simply loving.


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