Library Life Listers: “And Days Go By; I Can Feel ’em Flyin”

Reporting on the life list each week does feel a great deal like being in this Keith Urban song. It’s so easy for five or six days to fly by and to have accomplished  only the basics and nothing on the list. Keith goes on to remind us, “So you better start livin’ right now.” And that’s what we’re trying to do. So here are our weekly reports:


  1. My leg is feeling stronger every day.  The only thing bad is that I now have to learn to walk again.  My left foot wants to turn in.  I am riding my bike trainer inside my house.
  2. One new thing I learned this week is that George Washington owned the largest whisky distillery in 18th century America. 
  3. On Saturday while watching my son learn to scuba dive I told the 2 lifeguards about the Gale database app and the MERLOT repository. One was a college student and one was still in high school.  Both had mobile devices and downloaded the Access My Library (Gale) App on the spot.  I thought that was pretty cool.  I told them they can now search and find reliable sources anywhere they have internet access.
  4. I submitted 2 sessions to the Sloan-C/MERLOT Conference this summer.  One will be a pre-conference workshop and one will be a poster session. 
  5. I found out that NSCC is going to fund me going to the TLA Conference this year in March. I am looking to going to that and networking with other librarians.  I am still working on my “Cycling for Libraries” conference here in the U.S.


I’ve nearly given up; I’m not in a good place with trying to lay out life goals. Perhaps it is because life is getting shorter and my goals seem to be getting further…too many, too few, I’m not sure. If I am to truly throw out ideas of things I’d love to do, to be, to accomplish, to become, my life list at this point looks like this:

A.       To be representative- in all that I am – of all the goodness I believe life is to be about

B.      To learn to play at least one Christmas song all the way through, on the piano by December

C.      To be able to play 10 clawhammer banjo songs without the tablature, by 2012

D.       To play a show at the Station Inn with my new band, The ProGrasstinators in 2011         

E.       To begin my new solo project by September 2011

F.       To take up hiking – beginning in MARCH 2011

G.     To obtain a weight of 130 by July 4, 2011

H.      To build my own compost this spring

I.        To grow my own vegetables this summer, including squash, cucumber, onions, potatoes, green beans, grape tomatoes, peas, watermelon…and a pumpkin! I’ve been marking out my garden areas.

J.        In my quest to continue reading 2 books a month, I am thoroughly enjoying listening to A Walk into the Woods by Bill Bryson. He is a stitch, and listening to him narrate his own work is truly entertaining.  I’m continuing reading little juvenile books, as time permits, which always makes me feel warm inside. My newest favorite, The Mouse Family’s Blueberry Pie. I’m trying to get through Eat, Pray, Love. I think the author is humorous and clever in her writing, but to be quite honest, her constant reference to self is annoying. I’ll keep you posted


Learn French:

After much discouragement, I’ve decided not to learn French. Instead I will eat more/better cheese. (After talking with the Jolly Librarian, Emily has added this back to her list.)

 Read less tripe, more classics:

 As I began reading a YA novel (not to be named here), I realized the following:

 1)      Angsty teens really aren’t that entertaining unless they’re wizards and/or child celebrities.

2)      I don’t really read much YA.

 And led me to the conclusion:

 Most of what I read, while not necessarily classic, does not officially qualify as tripe. Consider this list item complete.

 See Pam perform live at Station Inn and/or Bluebird Café:

 I heard a rumor about this new band: Pam Gadd and the ProGRASStinators.

 Read the book MFJ loaned me:

 Step one: I dusted it off over the weekend.  Then I started the aforementioned YA, which I quickly abandoned for a book on herb gardening (See Life List Item: Grow Herb Garden), which I quickly abandoned for a book on higher education, which I briefly abandoned for Pnin (See Life List Item: Read more classics) and then returned to last night. This leads me to a new Life List item: Finish more books.

 Cook a new dish and/or pie each week:

 For the most part, I’ve been doing this. Dishes have included, but are not limited to: Thai chicken soup, beets with a Pepto-Bismol pink horseradish sauce, and various other forgettably mediocre dishes.

 Jolly Librarian

  • Learn to play the piano, specifically 10 Christmas songs by December 2011. After a minor breakthrough last week, I met with much discouragement this week when I discovered there are even more chords to learn—even in the easy Christmas song book. There is something like a G#m something or other. Now that’s not even in my chord book, so I thought perhaps it would be the same as an Aflat chord, but no matter how I try, it sounds perfectly horrid when I come to that part of the song. Still, I can play “What Child is This” all the way through, although it takes several minutes and several breaks as I try to remember which chord to make next. I have now started “Good King Wenceslas,” my favorite Christmas song. In any case, it is quite fun learning something totally new and probably a good experience for me in my teaching role.
  • Cook new dishes. To be honest, this is not on the top of my list of things to have done before I die. Still, I have received much mocking for my food routines: pasta five or six nights a week. So this week, while I didn’t cook, I did buy something besides pasta to have for dinner: a Harris-Teeter pre-prepared pot roast dinner. It was quite tasty. I also asked my mother for the recipe to her egg custard, which she sent but with the less-than-inspiring comment: “I can’t imagine your ever making this.”
  • Have something to take to writing group each meeting. So far so good. I’m glad that I didn’t put “have something praiseworthy to take to writing group each meeting.”
  • Am thinking of adding a new item to my list: Running a race– after seeing a news item about a 95-year-old runner who keeps breaking age records (mostly because she’s the only 95-year-old person running). Still, she didn’t begin until her 60s, so I would have a head start. And I ran two miles today after finding out that my boss had called a meeting, and it was run or be late.


Poor Allison. After she reported last week, the flu virus that has stalked so many this winter came down upon her like the proverbial ton of bricks. By Friday, she felt miserable and went home, just returning today. She has only one item to report: watching Everafter in Spanish.

I hope you all are still making your life lists and checking off items. While I’m certainly not going to make the news with my achievements, the list does keep me more focused. And that can’t be a bad thing.




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