The Library Life Listers: To Refine is Divine

Yesterday was a day of celebrations and feasts in the library. Yes, it was the Jolly Librarian’s birthday.  I have petitioned HR to make this day a holiday, a request that has so far been ignored. Still birthdays  provide an excellent opportunity  to review life lists, make new goals, and get rid of outdated ones.

The Jolly Librarian is also impressed by the fact that some instructors are assigning life lists to their classes. We’ve seen a couple, and NSCC has some ambitious, caring students!

Now to our week:

Jolly Librarian:

The running goal: I have made it up to 2 miles without having to walk. But my dream of running a race was dealt a cruel blow when I learned that most races take place in the mornings.

The writing goal: I had another chapter at Writing Group last night.

The food goal: I ate nothing new this week, well, unless you count birthday cake. I would have eaten some new birthday muffins, but they were gone before I came to work yesterday.

The reading goal: Still averaging  a book a week.


Acquire and watch Mad Men Season 4: Discovered Mad Men Season 4 was coming to Netflix 3/29/11. Moved to top of queue.  (Editorial Comment from the Jolly Librarian: This could cause some conflict since I too have it at the top of my queue.)

Grow vegetable garden and herb garden: Drew herb garden sketch.


An excellent (flute) performance at my little brother’s wedding in May:  I ordered the piano music for my accompanist friend…and that’s all! But now that I’ve dropped my linguistics class, I’ll have more time to put toward this goal.

 Stay on top of my linguistics class: FAILED. This item is now OFF my list! I withdrew from the class earlier this week. I was sad to do it, but I realized that the time and energy I was putting into a graduate class which is not even a requirement for me could be more efficiently used in pursuit of my other goals. (Editorial comment by the Jolly Librarian: knowing when a goal does not fit is very important. This is not a failure.)

 Translate the book of Esther: I fell behind on this again while I was sick. I’ve only translated a couple verses since my last update, and I’m hung up on a couple tricky verbs…But now that I’ve dropped my class…

 Work toward solving the problem of homelessness in Nashville: Making sure I keep small bills with me so that I can always buy a copy of The Contributor is working so far. And now that I’ve dropped my linguistics class, I’ll have time to do more!

Write some things I’m proud of: I suppose I could mark this one as ACCOMPLISHED. I am rather proud of a couple pieces I wrote earlier this year. I don’t want to count it as “accomplished,” though, because I want to do more. I may re-word this goal soon.

Become more fluent in Spanish: I don’t think I’ve made much progress on this. I did watch one movie in Spanish while I was sick…but I’ve already reported that, and I can’t count it twice! But…now that I’ve dropped my “just for fun” graduate class…Sigh. Stay tuned. I’m not giving up!

Somehow improve the ESL classes I help teach: I am excited about having more time to devote to this…now that I’ve dropped my linguistics class : ) This week, I’ve spent some time looking at exercises for giving directions in English. By the end of the week, I’ll either have written some exercises or chosen a few existing exercises for the next class meeting.


My leg seems to be getting stronger everyday.  On Saturday, I actually rode my bike outside on a level path at a city park in Mt. Juliet.  It felt good.  It actually hurts more to walk than to ride my bike.  I’m still a bit nervous to get out into traffic.  I go to the doctor’s on March 8.  

I continue to share TEL and MERLOT.  Emily was writing an OT library guide, and looking for some good interactive tutorials.  I sent her a link to a MERLOT Content Builder guide I made for the MERLOT workshop I did for nursing and biology students.  Content Builder is a really nice tool.

Something new I learned is that John Muir, the naturalist, invented the “early rising” bed that had a clock that loosened a stone that then knocked a leg from under his bed sending him tumbling to the floor.

I also learned that Superman’s biological mother was Lara Lor-Van, a librarian on Planet Krypton.  

I am still working on my app.  

I am also working on getting caught up on cataloging all the new books we are adding to the library.  Come check out all the new books we have.  We have a lot of new medical dictionaries that can circulate.  

I am still working on my Cycling for Libraries conference idea, and I am looking forward to the TLA conference in March.  


Perform 20 Shows in 2011Let’s discuss this, friends.

  1. I had a wonderfully productive 1st rehearsal (playing/writing/talking) with my new guitarist/vocalist for the new bluegrass band I am putting together, the appropriately named, ProGRASStinators. This was a huge step.
  2. I did multiple research assembling links to songs I want to incorporate into our sets and sent them to the 2 thus far recruited members. It was thoroughly rewarding to continue honing down and focusing on our sets to perform.
  3. I have booked 1 (yes, that’s right), 1 upcoming performance, a wonderfully intimate house concert for the end of May near Dalton, GA.

Walk 3 miles a day – 5 days a week – I am a joke. WHAT was I thinking? I have not walked 1 time. Need I say more? I do still want to do this. I approached a co-worker about walking with me. No commitment from him/her has been made.

Read 2 books a monthI am so proud to announce that I did complete A Walk in the Woods, by Bill Bryson, a wonderful read. I am still forging through Eat Pray Love, but I believe I have officially given up on it. The Italy/food chapters (1/3 of the book) were entertaining.  Other reads were 2 adorable children’s books. I am continuing to bring those books into my life and would like to add to my life list that I wish to read at least 1 children’s book a day if possible.

Reach 128 weight —Am hovering around 140, sugar has been a craving, however I am taking my vitamins each day and…oh, I suck; I’ve been eating more sugar than veggies and fruits. I’m a big fat hypocrite.

Record another solo CD starting by September 2011 I worked on several new songs this week and also refined the “new cd project” song choices down to 10 selections so far. I’m tickled with my progress on this and excited to continue songwriting in hopes to add more original songs to the CD.

Be completely debt-free – I am on a disciplined schedule of paying off all debts. Although I have not added extra payments on my vehicle – which I would like to pay off early if possible – I am being mature and focused with my financial dealings.

Grow own vegetables – As the early offerings of spring come visiting in Joelton, I continue to mark out areas where I intend to grow my own vegetables this summer. I also checked out some places online to possibly purchase seeds. As well, I am considering buying all-organic from the Eaton’s Creek growers.  So, I’m staying focused on following through with this life goal.

Build my own Compost – Have received the plans to build my own compost and plan to begin building as soon as it is warm enough to do so!

Write 1 letter per week – This week’s letter was a long one to my mother, along with tidbits of things I save to send her. I’m loving writing a letter a week. It’s very important to me.

Keep house cleaned weekly – Doing better in ways, but not staying on top of this goal. I hate doing my dishes. I’m doing better about keeping things picked up, so I’m thrilled with this progress. Those dishes . . . are still in my sink from last week….


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