The Library Life Listers: Life is a Highway (At least it is again for Sally)

Before I discuss the Life Listers accomplishments or lack of this week, I want to report a stunning discovery from the now-defunct Library Losers. While we reported faithfully that we did not lose weight during this period, it is now obvious the weekly weigh-in did seem to help us maintain our weights. Since we stopped that, the three of us have steadily added pounds. This finding is somewhat puzzling since we work in the same area and certainly can report our weight to each other whenever we want. So the reporting to our hundreds (okay, 5) readers must have been a crucial step.

Now for the life lists. The big news this week is Sally’s, so she’ll go first:


  • The most important thing on my life list is almost done.  I went to the doctor yesterday and the x-ray showed that my leg bone is 100% healed.  Meaning I can get back to being a full time biking librarian. (Although I will probably avoid riding West End Ave forever!)  I still need to continue to strengthen the muscles in my leg.  The doctor said that biking would be good therapy.
  • Some new things I learned:

·       Halle Berry, in 2005, was the good-humored performer that accepted a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress while clutching her previously won Best Actress Oscar. The Razzie Award was for Catwoman (2004); the Oscar was for Monster’s Ball (2001).

·       The football team that was the first to play in a Super Bowl without scoring a touchdown was the Miami Dolphins, in 1972, in Super Bowl VI against the Dallas Cowboys. The final score was 24–3.

·       The White House had electric lighting installed in 1891; Hawaii’s Iolani Palace had it installed in 1887

·       Bioaccumulation is the buildup of toxic substances, like pesticides, that enter an organism through respiration, food intake, skin contact or other means.

·       Biomagnification is an increase in the concentration of a pollutant from one link in a food chain to another and is very dangerous to the predator species, like humans.

  • I am still working on developing an app.
  • I am still working on getting trees planted.
  • The Cycling for Libraries conference idea is still developing.


an excellent (flute) performance at my little brother’s wedding in May

Still practicing. I’ve spent some time working on technicality and tone (Honestly, who wants to play wedding music ALL the time?), as well as pieces for the performance. I’ve touched base with my accompanist friend. She and I will start rehearsing together sometime next week.

translate the book of Esther

One chapter down. Technically, I’m still behind schedule on this, as I had planned to finish the first chapter before the end of last month. But since I was sick for nearly a week, I’m cutting myself some slack–just a little slack.

work toward solving the problem of homelessness in Nashville

Bought a couple copies of The Contributor. Since educating myself is an essential part of meaningful problem-solving, I’ve read and shared some articles about strategies people are trying out in New York and London. (In case you’re interested, here are the links. Enjoy! and I’ve also placed an interlibrary loan request for Under the Overpass, a book which deals with the issue of homelessness, focusing on finding out the goals, needs, and values of the homeless from homeless people themselves. I’m looking forward to reading it!

write some things I’m proud of

Not this week.

become more fluent in Spanish

I’ve listened to a couple episodes of Coffee Break Spanish, but I keep catching my mind wandering…it may be time to switch strategies for a while!

give my best to the ESL classes I help teach

(I’ve reworded this goal: “somehow improve” to “give my best to.”) This weekend, I visited friends and family out of town, leaving my poor co-teacher to fend for himself Sunday afternoon. During the week, though, I searched online for some exercises to supplement those in our class workbook. Before I left for the weekend, I sent my co-teacher a few hyperlinks. He said this was helpful, and I hope it was. On Monday, I emailed him to ask how class went, what we’d be covering next week, and what I could do to help prepare. This week I’ll be writing sentences to help our students learn the future tense!


Perform 20 Shows in 2011 – Band progress; slow, but inching.

Walk 3 miles 300 steps a day– I’m truly believing I will walk at least 2 miles when it warms. Spring is springing. It’s time I get my fanny springing!

Read 2 books a month- I attended the Music City Mardi Gras, an annual fundraiser for a wonderful organization called The Lisa Ross Parker Foundation and bid on several silent auction items. I won the “Buford Pusser” basket and am halfway through his story, “Walk On”, written by his daughter Dwana. It’s really good. My second book of the month is an audio book by, you guessed it, my favorite writer, Bill Bryson. This book talks of everyday things and their origins. Very interesting. Bill is bright and witty and sarcastic, and his own voice narrating the story is just a joy to listen to. Also, I’m reading “children’s stories” by the brothers Grimm. Geesh! Thank goodness I didn’t grow up on these horrors. They are simply awful. Still…I keep reading.

Reach 128 weight —Am aware. Still take in more carbs than veggies, but, I “think” of myself as a vegetable eater, etc., so projecting that self-image in a positive light is important. No, this is NOT denial, Jolly… (The Jolly Librarian does not judge her colleagues’ lists, but  . . .)

Grow own vegetables –I’m staying focused on following through with this life goal with planning and shopping.

Write 1 letter per week – Sadly, let “don’t feel like it” win this week and did not write a letter. Still believe in this goal.

Keep house cleaned weekly – …..


Sculpt my body…will keep you posted

Cook a new recipe every week­  – with Charles as my guide and my new gift subscription to Bon Appetit from my mom, this should be smooth sailing…on second thought, NOTHING is every smooth sailing in my kitchen…(except me sailing on by that sink full of dishes…)


Charles gave me a cookbook in French. When I told him I didn’t know French, he offered to translate the recipes. I believe this is what psychologists and substance abuse specialists refer to as enabling.

The Jolly Librarian:


Still averaging a book a week. But haven’t started the classics list yet.


Suffered another setback this week when I realized there was a chance I’d been miscounting laps and had not been running two solid miles, but only 1.5 miles.


Wrote a review this week.


Okay, no cooking took place this past week. But I’m thinking that getting serious about this might help me bring some healthier choices for lunch. (An alternate plan I’m considering is paying Emily to cook my lunches.)






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