Library Life Listers: And the Lists Go On

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”
― Marcus Tullius Cicero

This year, the Jolly Librarian is not only developing her life list but has become something of a student of life lists in general. I’ve looked over some books and perused the websites dealing with the topic. A frequent item on lists has to do with reading: whether it’s a favorite author, classics that should have been read in high school, or on a topic.

Of course, it’s no surprise that the lists of four library workers would include reading.  I have various reading goals that I’m always working on. I want to read all of Dickens. I want to read a book a week for as long as I can read. I want to read all those books that I think an English major should have read but keep avoiding. (But as I get older, I also think that life is too short to read a book just because it was on a syllabus at some point or another!)

But the list doesn’t have to be academic at all. Life lists include reading children’s books, young adults books, mysteries, biographies, just about anything you can imagine. And that’s the neat thing about life lists; they contain small things that just make you happy.

 Now to this week’s reports:


  1. I am back to riding my bike part way to work!   The doctor says it is good therapy, which is cool!  Intersections make me very nervous.  It actually hurts more to walk than to bike.
  2. I continue to tell everyone I meet about TEL and MERLOT.
  3. Something new I learned from helping a student is that Pete Seeger is a folk singer and a political environmental activist.  He has helped the Earth Charter Initiative.
  4. I also learned from a student that by hovering over the IE icon at the bottom of the page in the new Windows 7 you can see all the pages that are opened. 


1.    Cook new dishes/Cook dinner for friends/Stay out past 9:  Cooked the following this week: shrimp and grits, some Indian inspired concoction, a pasta concoction with roasted cauliflower. Invited friends for Mardis Gras inspired meal. Instead stayed out past 9.


an excellent (flute) performance at my little brother’s wedding in May. Scheduled first rehearsal with accompanist for Friday night.

translate the book of Esther. I’m now into the second chapter. Translated about 5 verses this week.
work toward solving the problem of homelessness in Nashville. Started reading the book I mentioned last week.

write some things I’m proud of.

 become more fluent in Spanish. Popped a Michel Thomas CD into the CD drive in my car. I’ve been listening to it during about half of my drive time. Sunday evening I went to the Spanish-speaking church, following along as best I could, and had short conversations with a few people afterwards. I also got to use some Spanish in teaching ESL class Sunday afternoon.

give my best to the ESL classes I help teach. Sunday’s class went well. I’d prepared around 20 sentences for practicing the future tense. My co-teacher wasn’t feeling well, so I led most of the class this time.



  • Booked 1 gig so far. 19 to go…


  • ·         Walk 3 miles a day
  • 300 steps a day
  • CRAWL at least to the refrigerator everyday.


  • Began a new Agatha Raisin mystery book. I enjoy her series.
  • Still listening to Bill Bryson’s book “At Home” on CD.

Reach 128 weight —

  • It occurred to me that I am merely 10 lbs from my goal. 10 pounds. It is tough to give up comfort foods. Still, my life goal is 128. Exercise MUST happen soon.

ORGANIC FARMING– Become grower of vegetables. Spring is near, plowing beds by the fenceline soon. Very excited about this.

 Write 1 letter per week – My niece is my letter this week.

 Keep house cleaned weekly

  • Got up an hour and a half early this morning to organize house. Rearranged furniture in bedroom for a fresh look.
  • Putting pictures in frames finally around house and halls. It’s only taken me 10 years.
  • Did dishes this morning before work. 2nd time this year.


  • bought ice cream at Shell gas station last night.


  • Learn to play piano (haven’t practiced since dropping my class). Still a goal for my life list, though.


  • Plan to book a day this month to visit Percy Werner Park and walk trails with a friend


  • Built open container compost this past weekend. Still want a contained one

 CLAWHAMMER BANJO Learn 10 clawhammer banjo songs by 2012

New additions to my Life List:

  • Travel to Machu Piccu
  • Visit Rome
  • Visit Greece and see the Parthenon
  • Visit the Great Pyramids
  • Hike to Base Camp at Mt. Everest

Jolly Librarian:


  • Wrote a review and had something to read at Writing Group.


  • Went to an actual movie with friends. (This does not sound amazing, but believe me, it is.)
  • Went to lunch with friends.

 Going to a concert a year:

  • Bought tickets. At first I thought this was a measly goal. But then I was forcefully reminded last week how much concert tickets cost these days.


  • My running goal got back on track when I discovered that I can actually run two miles. I’m not sure what was wrong with my pedometer last week. However, I also discovered, when my earphones broke, that I can’t run without music.


  • Still pretty much on target with a book a week.

 Until next week . . .


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