Library Life Listers: The Dog Ate My Life List

One of the nice things about life lists is that when life throws you a curve ball, you have the list to remind you of the things that you want to do and not just have to do. And we did get some curve balls this week:

  • Emily had a dog follow her home. The dog is sweet but does not like being kept in the bathroom as she demonstrated by scraping paint off the molding and doors. Emily is trying to find her owner while keeping her house intact.
  • The internet went down for a whole day at work, on the very week that budgets were due.
  • The Jolly Librarian battled to maintain her jolliness while the budget balance started shrinking alarmingly in Banner.

But enough excuses. On to the lists:


Acquire and watch Mad Men Season 4: I have a plan to empty my Netflix queue forcing Netflix to send me Mad Men immediately.

Grow vegetable garden and herb garden: Herb garden is tilled. Planted strawberries along fence. Planted pansies (they’re edible).

Paint the dining room/paint shelves: Adding to list paint bathroom door and trim. (Jolly Librarian: Please see above explanation about dog.)



  • Am thrilled that I’ve actually assembled 3 / perhaps 4 musicians (5 if we can find a mandolin or dobro player to join us) to have a 1st rehearsal run this coming weekend to see how we sound as a band! Please wish me luck!!! A dream again, since 1999.


  • Another breakthrough came with walking 2 – yes friends 2 – MILES on Saturday! Walked again this morning, not quite 2 miles. Have mapped out a new route – 3 miles.


Have taken on a 3rd and 4th read for this month:

A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest Gaines and The Assistant by John Grissom. I’ve discovered I have different moods, and it is nice to meet them with a variety of books to choose from. Whoever said you need to finish one before starting another?? (Certainly not the Jolly Librarian who currently has two unfinished books by her bed and is planning to start another one tonight.)

Reach 128 weight —

  • With the new addition of actual exercise and the help of an ‘ap’ downloaded to my phone which keeps track of the food pyramid I should follow, I am inspired to get back on track.

ORGANIC FARMING– Planted my first crops! Onions!! Next, squash and cucumbers out by the fence, tomatoes and jalapenos along the side of my house, garlic and herbs in the back of the house and beans, okra and eggplant up with the onions in the side yard!! Yippee!

 Write 1 letter per week – Wrote a long-overdue letter (and a package of goodies) to my 16 year old niece (she always writes me back—what a truly incredible tradition we started several years ago), as well as a letter and package to my sweet mom. Next: my friend Becky up home and my Aunt Janet in Kentucky, as well 😉

 Keep house cleaned weekly

  • Got up an hour and a half early this morning to organize house again. Rearranged all the furniture in the living room this time for a fresh look. I cannot believe the difference this makes! Next project—my music room / office!! After 2 years of putting off.


  • Cooked a BRAND NEW recipe this week “Ethiopian Cabbage and Potatoes.” Absolutely delicious!! What an inspiration to do this. Plan to make it again.


  • Something got in and dug out all the old eggs I put in the compost, an inspiration to build a contained one.

 CLAWHAMMER BANJO Learn 10 clawhammer banjo songs by 2012

New additions to my Life List:

  • Travel to Machu Piccu
  • Visit Rome
  • Visit Greece and see the Parthenon
  • Visit the Great Pyramids
  • Hike to Base Camp at Mt. Everest


an excellent (flute) performance at my little brother’s wedding in May
Rehearsed with my accompanist. We’re off to a good start, and we’re rehearsing again tomorrow night.

translate the book of Esther

Only a verse or two this week…still behind.

work toward solving the problem of homelessness in Nashville

Bought a couple copies of The Contributor; still reading Under the Overpass.

write some things I’m proud of

I haven’t written anything new, but I talked to some people from about the possibility of re-working a draft of an existing piece into another format, to be sold to benefit the homeless population of Nashville. The dear Love In Stereo folks liked the idea, and I’m excited about having a goal to work toward and a way to give.

become more fluent in Spanish

Listened to some Michel Thomas as well as some Coffee Break Spanish. Sunday evening I visited the Spanish-speaking church in McMinnville, where I have several friends. Made halting but enthusiastic conversation with people I hadn’t seen in a while. (Jolly Librarian note: Student worker Noelline is not only fluent in French, but Spanish as well. Chat with her.)

give my best to the ESL classes I help teach

I was out of town this weekend, so nothing here.


Sally has not reported in, but that’s because she’s achieving one of her goals: going to TLA where I have no doubt that she is promoting TEL and iPad mobile apps.

The day the internet went down Sally did one-on-one quick tutorials on mobile apps with students on their phones or other devices. She was so excited about this that I suspect she was driving the backhoe that sliced the cable.

Jolly Librarian:

Socializing: Went to a reading on Saturday and met two Facebook friends in the flesh. Then had lunch with two more.

Writing: Once again brought something for writing group.

Reading: Finished another book.

No complaining: Let’s say the budget year ending made that a little more difficult than was anticipated. Plus, I have to admit to some badgering as I made several of the library staff do their evaluations. That Charles can hide like a cat when he so desires.


One thought on “Library Life Listers: The Dog Ate My Life List

  1. While at TLA I met a librarian who loves her job as much as I do! Tomorrow I hope to talk with the president of ALA about my “Cycling for Libraries” conference idea. I’m finding out more great TEL news.

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