The Jolly Librarian Ponders Problem Solving: Part 6 and the End!

We have come to the end of our process. We’ve done the following:

  • identified the problem
  • researched various solutions
  • tried some out
  • chose the best one,
  • and reviewed the results.

What else is there to do? Just a few things, but they are important.

First, you want to ensure that the problem doesn’t raise its ugly head again. For our hypothetical student in the math class, it’s important that he keeps going to the Learning Center and getting the help he needs. For me,  trying to get up with the alarm each morning, I have to set the goal each night until my jumping (okay, heaving myself, cursing) out of bed at the same time each morning is an engrained habit. 

Second, there is still time to refine your solutions. For me, I found that the alarm on my new smartphone is quite annoying, annoying enough to make me get out of bed and go downstairs to shut it off. So I’ve added my Blackberry to my repetoire of morning alarms.

Third, this is also the time to see if there are associated conditions with your problem that need solving as well. For my math student, he might notice that the learning center tutors have helped him, but he still needs to get in the habit of doing his homework the same day as the class. For me, I have realized that while getting up on time is a problem, so is dawdling in the morning. I like to read the newspaper, work the Sudoku, read a daily inspirational message, and then check email and Facebook. I need to streamline that routine so that I get from breakfast to the gym in a more timely fashion.

So now we have come to the end of solving a particular problem. With a little thought, research, experimentation, and determination, you can make your life a little easier.


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