Monday Motivator: “Don’t Say Anything Until It’s Working”

These wise words came from CSD expert, Paul Kaminsky, at a meeting last week. He was talking about a program that could automate a time-consuming process, and one of the deans asked if she could go ahead and tell people. His answer: “Don’t say anything until it’s working.”

It reminded me of that old business adage: Underpromise and overdeliver. Of course, we live in an age of hype where the opposite is the norm. Every movie is advertised to be the event of the summer or fall or holiday season. Last week I was watching a television show and the previews for the next week proclaimed it to be the episode I’d been waiting for. My reaction was ‘Well, why did I just watch this one, then?”

The same is true in personal relationships. I have a friend whose father constantly promised that they would go on fun summer vacations. They never left the house.  Looking back, she said it wasn’t so much the lack of vacation that she missed; since they were poor, it never would have occurred to her on her own that the family might go to the beach. But she resented the build-up and subsequent let down.

It’s easy to promise, not always so easy to follow through. So it makes sense to wait to make proclamations about how great something is when it’s actually in existence and ready to go.

So this week, “Don’t say anything until it’s working!”


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