The Library Life Listers: Step by Step, One by One

In the book 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself, Steve Chandler discusses a “four-circle approach” to setting goals. It also works well for life listers because some elements on your list can’t be done in one day and require planning. Chandler recommends making four circles. In the first, you write the overall goal. In the second, something that can be done this year. In the third, something that can be done this month. And in the fourth, something that can be done this day. It’s a fairly easy way of keeping on top of things.

Now on to our lists:

Emily:  (Please note the stray dog still is at Emily’s house. She has lots of energy and desperately needs someone with a fenced-in yard.) Besides taking care of the dog, Emily has done the following:

  • Painted bathroom door and touched up trim throughout house (this wasn’t on my list, so it counts for life list bonus points).
  • After finishing two classics in a row (The Sun Also Rises and The Handmaid’s Tale ::it’s a modern classic::), I’ve decided it’s okay to move on to book two of the YA series the Hunger Games.
  • Discussed driving across the country with a friend. Decided it wasn’t plausible.
  • Purchased shallots for garden.

Allison (The Jolly Librarian thinks that Allison should consider becoming a professional life list coach. This girl knows how to work on her goals!)

  •  an excellent (flute) performance at my little brother’s wedding in May. Another rehearsal down, another rehearsal scheduled for tomorrow night. “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” is our best piece so far.
  • translate the book of Esther. Not as behind as I’d feared. Just a couple more verses and I’ll have met my goal for March.
  • work toward solving the problem of homelessness in Nashville. Finished Under the Overpass, and I’m continuing to carry cash and support The Contributor. I’m going to combine this goal with the next one for a while, since the project I want to focus on would benefit the homeless population here.
  • write some things I’m proud of. Haven’t written anything new, but I bounced some ideas off a few friends’ brains that helped me clarify my vision for the project I mentioned last week.
  • become more fluent in Spanish. I reviewed some vocabulary on Attended a Spanish service Sunday evening.
  • give my best to the ESL classes I help teach. Back to assisting with class Sunday afternoon. Asked what I could do to help prepare for next week. I have until Sunday to come up with some fun games that teach prepositions : )

Jolly Librarian:

  • Piano. Had not been to the piano in three weeks. When I sat down at the keys this weekend, I realized I’d forgotten all but the most basic chords. I had to get out the Learner 1 book again.
  • Reading. Finished two books this week.
  • Socializing. Did none. After wrestling with the budget last week, I decided it was better for everyone if I stayed away from other people. However, I did go to lunch with the two Michelles who seem immune to my moods.

Pam (I would like her to add to her life list to get life list updates to me without my having to chase her down each week):


  •  Booked 3 gigs so far:

This Friday, April 1st / Commodore Lounge / Vanderbilt, 9:30 p.m. with Kathy Chiavola, Jamie Hartford and Lisa Aschmann

May 15th- Country Music Hall of Fame / solo – History of Banjo Demonstration

House concert in May in GA !!

  • Had 1st full band rehearsal on Sunday. Am elated to have such great musicians who are interested in working with me 😉


  • Have not walked this week, but am continuing my neck and leg exercises.


Have taken on a 3rd and 4th read for this month:

Still finishing At Home, Agatha Raisin Mystery. Have put A Lesson Before Dying  and The Assistant on hold until others are finished

  Reach 128 weight —

  • Sucking on an M&M as I type. Still…am trying everyday to eat GOOD THINGS, TOO!

 Write 1 letter per week – Will write this week’s letter on the weekend. A good tradition…

Keep house cleaned weekly

  • Doing real good on this. Cleaned almost 10 hours on the weekend. I feel like a happy person when I wake up — instead of dreading getting up and walking into chaos!



 New additions to my Life List:

  • Learn to Scuba Dive



  • My leg muscles are getting stronger.  I am still doing physical therapy which includes riding my bike. 
  • Yes, last when I attended the TLA conference I did promote the MERLOT repository and learned more about promoting TEL.  Hopefully by summer we will have an encyclopedia as part of TEL.
  • Some new interesting new facts I have learned:
    • The Swiss Family Treehouse, which had been a fixture in the Anaheim theme park since 1962 was the attraction at California’s Disneyland that was transformed into Tarzan’s Treehouse in 1999.
    • Henry Fonda was the Hollywood star that once groused, “How in the hell would you like to have been in this business for as long as I, and then have one of your kids win an Oscar before you did. His daughter Jane won a Best Actress Oscar for Klute (1971). He won an Oscar 10 years later for On Golden Pond, in which daughter Jane also appeared.
    • Toothed whales are creatures of the deep that have a body part called a melon. The melon is the bulging forehead just in front of the blowhole of most toothed whales. It’s believed to be used to focus sounds during echolocation—the process by which sound waves emitted by the whale bounce or echo back when they strike an object.
  •  The most exciting news is that while I was networking with other librarians at TLA I discovered that several like my idea of a “Cycling for Libraries” preconference workshop at next year’s conference in Knoxville. We talked and I now have a plan.  I will submit the proposal in August to TLA.  We are hopefully going to get sponsors and maybe have t-shirts.  While talking with the Swets rep. I learned that their big main corporate office is in Amsterdam (bike capital of the world), so I have sent my idea to him and he will send it on to the corporate office to see if they will help.  He also told me that our new federated search site is ready. 

One thought on “The Library Life Listers: Step by Step, One by One

  1. Just wanted to congratulate everyone on this week’s achievments. This is truly a good way to center yourself and stay focused. Pam

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