Library Life Listers: The Good, The Bad, The Inert

Probably no one better exemplifies the up and downs of goal setting than Pam today. When she turned in her life list around 2 p.m., she was quite pleased with her progress, especially with her eating habits (as you’ll see below). At 5 p.m., she, Noelline, and I made our way over to the Spring Fling where we gathered up popcorn, hot dogs, and cupcakes. An hour later, as she was expanding her waistband with a rubber band, she sighed, “Well, 2 cupcakes and a rubber band later, things are not looking so good.” (On the plus side, she is now writing a song around that first clause.)

Here’s our progress this week:



  • Have made 2 connections to agencies who are both interested in booking me and the band!! Yippee.
    • Will perform this Thursday night at a Vol State bluegrass assembly and be on a panel for discussion. There will also be a jam, and some parts of the gathering will be taped, as TV. cameras will be on campus.
    • Talked with Ann Soyars – who books the Station Inn, and she is in the process of scheduling a show for us there!


  • Have really made strides in my walking, including an hour walk over to Sylvan Park via the greenway! Feeling stronger.


  • FINISHED Bill Bryson’s At Home!
  • Have started Bill Bryson’s A Brief History of Everything (amazing read).
  • Ditched The Disappearing Spoon. Just too durn boring. I mean, if you are interested in the periodical table and all the compositions of chemicals…go for it!

Reach 128 weight 

  • Still doing yogurt/fruit shakes every day. It has changed my life. My complexion is better, I no longer feel sugar controls me (still want it some, but not like before—the more natural sugars seem to be keeping my system more balanced).
  • Thinning down. My size 10s are completely comfortable again. I feel SO much better not having food control me.
  • Love it and find I truly no longer crave sugar. New rule: I can have sugar if I have already had 4 fruits within a day! It’s working! No sugar yet

Write 1 letter per week

My heart is in the right place, my hand, paper and pen just haven’t been. Plan to write to my friend Jodi Ferrari, in Iowa, this week!

Keep house cleaned weekly

  • Doing okay. Still clutters up. My house is small. I’m in a good state of mind though.


Bought rotisserie chicken last night at the grocery store…does this count?

Other thoughts:

  • Learn to Scuba Dive
  • Visit Greece
  • Take a Caribbean Cruise 
  • Travel to Machu Piccu
  • Visit Rome
  • See the Parthenon
  • Visit the Great Pyramids
  • Hike to Base Camp at Mt. Everest
  • Go canoeing and hiking this summer!



Acquire and watch Mad Men Season 4 (preferably, at the same time as MFJ in order to facilitate more meaningful show analysis): Almost finished


Grow vegetable garden and herb garden: Planted oregano, thyme, lamb’s ear, mint, and leeks.

Construct a blue bottle tree: Discussed the merits of various types of bottles with grandmother. Was offered brown bottles.


Share wealth of vegetables, some in the form of pies: Sub cake for pie.


An excellent (flute) performance at my little brother’s wedding in May
Postponed rehearsal again, but my individual practice this week (about 4 hours) has been productive. I’ve spent most of my time working out the rhythms in “Because You Love Me.” (My neighbors might be wondering why the girl in A-2 is suddenly on such a Celine Dion kick…)

translate the book of Esther

Translated five verses.

work toward solving the problem of homelessness in Nashville

Bought a copy of The Contributor.

write some things I’m proud of

become more fluent in Spanish

I have a Michel Thomas CD on repeat in my car. I also listened to a couple more episodes of Coffee Break Spanish.

give my best to the ESL classes I help teach

The lead teacher was out of town this week, so I taught class by myself. We covered the simple present, present progressive/continuous, simple past, and past progressive/continuous tenses and practiced deciding when to use each. This was new material for some students and a review for others. The class went well. I also researched activity resources and ESL textbooks and emailed my findings to my co-teacher, as we will be ordering a new set of textbooks soon.


My leg continues to feel stronger each day.  It still hurts going down the stairs. 

New stuff learned:

  1. Scientists estimate that there are at least a million new species to be discovered in the deep oceans.
  2. Learned about this cool website called C.O.O.L. Classroom for learning about the ocean. Check it out here
  3. The ocean’s carbon reservoir is about 60 times the size of the atmosphere’s carbon reservoir.
  4. Dolma is a food from Palestine (grape leaves wrapped around a rice mixture) From our student worker Lily.

Just cataloged a book called No More Joint Pain.  I think I need to check it out and read it!

Windshield wiper fluid for your car can be easily made by mixing 1 gallon of distilled water with 1 cup of white vinegar and a squirt of dishwashing soap.  This is much less toxic then the stuff you buy pre-made in the auto stores.  This works fine, except in freezing weather. 

At the Spring Fling this morning, I was outside handing out trees and telling people about TEL and MERLOT.  The tree guide that I produced was done using MERLOT’s Content Builder.  I used it to tell people about the importance of trees and the environment.  Content Builder is an excellent tool for students to know about. 
Jolly Librarian:

Watch Season 4 of “Mad Men” at the same time as Emily. Watched the first DVD. Did discuss with Emily because my memory is so bad, I didn’t recognize some of the characters. Don’t think it’s a plot spoiler to say that Don Draper is as tortured as ever.

Writing. Went to writing group and read my chapter. Worked on an essay yesterday and today. Pretty sure it’s really bad.

Solving, not Complaining: Only whined once (that I remember) when Pam Gadd tried to use a marker on my new necklaces that I bought at Spring Fling. Okay, forgot that I complained the entire time I drove across town to make a morning meeting, but I was the only one in the car, so no innocents were harmed.

Reading: Finished two more books. Learned from Facebook friend Michael that there’s a new Dickens’ biography about. Yea! I’m such a dork.

Socializing: Did none. But did buy theater tickets for May.


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